Actual Conversation With My Ten Year Old Son

Him: Hey Mom, whatcha doin’?

Me: Making cookies for Gal Smiley’s Halloween party.

Him: Oh, that reminds me, I signed you up to make cookies for my party.

Me: Um, a little more notice next time would be good, buddy.

Him: I figured you wouldn’t be busy.

Me: SNORT. So, what kind do you want?

Him: Those soft molasses ones.

Me: Are you sure you don’t want something more festive?

Him: No, everyone LOVES those.

Me: Everyone? How does everyone even know what they are?

Him: Well, sometimes when you put them in my lunch I let other people try them.

Me: What?

Him: Sometimes I just don’t feel like eating cookies.

Me: You don’t feel like eating cookies.

Him: Naw.

Me: I guess this explains why you are a 52-pound ten-year-old.

Him: Mom? Everyone really loves your chicken nuggets, too.


And, scene.

6 thoughts on “Actual Conversation With My Ten Year Old Son

  1. I thought they weren’t even ALLOWED to share food! Is it because he’s the one who’s allergic to the most stuff so people are allowed to eat his lunch? Oh well – it’s nice to be appreciated even if it comes in a whacksack of crazy, isn’t it? (Whacksack of crazy is my new favourite expression).

    1. Hey, I forgot about that rule! They are pretty unsupervised out in the portables, so I’m guessing the rules are kind of a fluid thing in their Lord Of The Rings environment. We will have A Little Chat about this when he gets home.

      Although, it is nice to have the third-hand compliments. Maybe I should invite his friends over for dinner sometime!

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