Fin-awl-lee! Fin-awl-lee!

It is time, my dance loving friends, to wrap up another season of Dance! Show!. Sniff. I just realized that the dancers themselves must see this show as sort of the ultimate summer camp. BFFs forever! Write me! Pass the tissues! Etc. Poor babies.

It’s harder than ever for me to predict a winner, after everyone went and specifically did what I specifically said they do NOT do in last week’s post. Jasmine, more-or-less bending her back all over! Aaron, showing spark with both Amy and Melinda! Amy, being sexy and grown-up-like! Fikshun…still sucking at ballroom! But otherwise being super adorable.

Plus, Nigel went and threw in, ever so casually, the news that there will be both a girl winner and a boy winner this year. I love the way he says it like it’s old news, when I’m sure this is the first we’ve heard about it. And by “love,” I mean “hate,” and I wish they really would just spell things out for us at the beginning of the season, because if there’s one thing I hate it’s surprises, and if there’s one thing I hate even more it’s surprises on Dance! Show!. The only other time they’ve had separate winners was the Katee/Joshua season – also a last minute addition, and I felt strongly then that their reasoning was that Katee deserved to win, as the most accomplished dancer, technique-wise, and the one most likely to go on to a career in dance, but she was going to be snowballed by the Joshua/Twitch Train Of Super Coolness. So I take it that this season they feel that one of Amy or Jasmine actually should win, in the judges’ eyes – considering how much they’ve gone on and on about how FABULOUS the GIRLS are this season, I guess they are pushing that agenda – but that Fikshun and Aaron are taking the majority of the votes, so the girls actually have no chance.

So they’ve decided to kind of fix things themselves, in all senses of the word “fix.” WHATEVER, Dance! Show!. I’ll never quit you, so do your worst.

Anyway! Predictions: I’m going to go with Amy as the girl winner. Boys…eep. Very, very tough call here. I feel like Aaron has some seriously massive American support behind him for some reason. I’m supporting Fikshun for the win, though, as I think he has shown more growth, and actually, could really use the helping hand in getting his dance career kick-started.

Best numbers from the top 4 performance show: Fikshun and Twitch (LOVED. IT.); Aaron and Melinda (a little tip-tappity, even for my taste, but I love that they actually tried to do a storytelling thing with tap); both the contemporary routines – Fikshun and Jasmine doing a Travis Wall number (fantastic choreography), and Amy and Robert doing a Stacey Tookey number (fantastic dancing); and I also kind of grooved on Amy and Aaron’s odd cage-dance nightclub routine, much as it pains me to say it as I detest Ray Leeper. The worst: the ballroom routines (UGH) and Mark’s weirdo number for the girls (whaaaa?).

Numbers I’d like to see again in the Fin-Awl-Lee:

Christopher Scott’s group routine with the rocking chairs
Nappy Tab’s opening number from the first show, where they go all through back stage (I’m sure it cannot be repeated, but LOVED IT)
Jasmine and Alan’s Travis Wall routine where they are blindfolded
Brittany and BluPrint’s “Oh So Quiet” library routine, by Spencer Liff
Amy and Fikshun’s bellhop routine
Jasmine and Aaron’s quickstep
Hayley and Nico’s Kiss of the Spider Woman routine (that leg flip – WOW)
Makenzie and Paul’s Mandy Moore routine (“We’re on the edge, the edge, the edge, the edge…”)
Nappy Tab’s top 6 boys routine – the one with the rope in the middle
Jasmine and Marko’s routine to Blurred Lines (Ray Leeper again! SHUDDER – what have I become?)
Jenna’s routine with Mark, where she has the giant braid – so weird, but it kind of worked
Amy dancing with Travis to Wicked Game (GORGEOUS)
Hayley and Paul’s lovely contempary number to 500 Miles, by Dee Caspery (a totally underused and underrated choreographer)
Paul’s routine with Kathryn, by Tyce, from two weeks’ back
Fikshun and Twitch from this week

Who do you think will win, and what routines are you itching to see again?

One thought on “Fin-awl-lee! Fin-awl-lee!

  1. Smothermother

    I agree, the top six show wasn’t great. The boxing thing was just a hot mess. And some of the choreographers basically did it to make themselves look good. But the Sean cheesman piece at the beginning was the best ensemble piece of the whole season.

    The finally was good. Poor Aron and that ballroom routine. It was painful. Twitch and fikshun were freakin fantastic. I was grinning ear to ear the whole time. The jasmine and comfort piece was da bomb! Very smart on her part not to do contemporary I think. The contemporary pieces were lovely.

    I have no idea who is going to win. I think jasmine is the better dancer, but Amy has more personality. And I think you are right about America being behind Aron. Anyway, a week to find out…

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