Well, I’m sick. It’s just a head cold, but man, you would think no one had been sick ever in the history of the world, the way I am carrying on. This weekend I actually had to SIT DOWN, for like, HOURS, which is unheard of. GAH.

I think I have the same bug the kids had last week – remember last week, when I let the older two stay home from school then felt totally snowed by them? After that, I made all three of them march off to school every single day, where they coughed and sneezed all over their classmates. Now I’m in the same place they were four days ago, and I feel like total crap, and I feel like DOUBLE crap because I made them go to school feeling this way when all I want to do is lie around on the couch.

With a box of cookies, of course. I’m not DEAD, people.

So! I had big plans to write a really, really detailed account of the bitchy horror that Sick Lynn can be, but then I decided to check my reader before writing, and lo and behold, Meanie had already written the most perfect post ever about being sick.

So go read her post, and imagine me sniffling over your shoulder nodding, saying, “Yeah, what she said.”

6 thoughts on “Drippy.

  1. Lynnnnnnn! omg people actually came over and read my blog today! thanks man! And I hope you feel better soon. I’m so scared I’ve contaminated my kids and that they are going to get sick now and make all kinds of ridiculous demands of my time as an act of revenge……

  2. As if january doesn’t already suck enough. And I’m eighty-three percent sure your kids didn’t feel as crappy as you do – kids always shake off the sick more easily.

  3. I’ve pulled the same move more than once with my two kids: “Off to school, it’s just a cold, you’ll be fine…” only to get a call from the school mid-morning: “Can you come pick up the boy/the girl? They’re really sick!” Mommy guilt! Gotta remind myself that when I don’t feel well, all I want to do is lie on the couch and watch crappy daytime TV–and that’s OK for them to do too!

  4. I’m on the cusp of being sick — I can feel it coming, but am still functional. Still. It’s like the creepy music they play in horror films. You now something bad is about to happen!

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