The Deep Freeze

Hey, I just found this in my drafts folder! I wrote it last week. But you can read it right now! Ah, technology.

Right now it’s minus 26 degrees Celcius outside, raw air temperature, and that my friends, is why I’m moving to Florida next week. Ha! I wish.

I am not a big fan of winter – I really feel the cold, and that gets worse each year, making me feel cold AND old. I am not an outdoorsy person by nature and add in snow, and ice, and wind, and cold, and yeah, my enjoyment of leaving the house is reduced to zero. Absolute zero. Ha! See what I did there?

To add to it all, I have a minor cold, picked up from the hooligans who shanghai-ed me into staying home on Monday, which means I have a slight fever and a sore throat. It’s enough to make you want to just curl up on the couch with a box of cookies, a bag of truffles, a cup of tea, a warm laptop, and a DVD of The Magnificent Seven, and of course, honey, I spent my morning working hard, don’t I always? You know it!

In honour of today’s Deep Freeze I thought I should list out all the things I actually do like about winter. Don’t worry, it’s a short list.

  1. No bugs. That in itself is reason enough not to move to Florida.
  2. The stuff you put in the compost bin freezes, so there’s no mouldy, liquid, smelly crap in the bottom of it each week to attract maggots.
  3. I can pick up the kids from school in my jammies, because snowpants, a long coat, and boots make everyone else none the wiser, and of course, honey, I’m always dressed by school pickup time, aren’t I always? You know it!
  4. I get to eat a lot of soup.

And…that’s all I got. Stay warm, Ottawans, stay warm.