Pie in Eight Inches

Remember back in December, when Sir Monkeypants had an awesome, dance-worthy gift for me, and Little Miss Sunshine almost passed out from the effort of keeping the secret?

She made it! I’m pretty proud of her.

On Christmas morning, I was very happily surprised to receive these:

Seemingly Mild Mannered Pie Plates

And you’re thinking, pie plates? Don’t you already have pie plates? Answer: Yes, yes I do. Probably more than…everyone else on earth.

But although these may seem to be ordinary, mild-mannered, standard 9 inch Pyrex pie plates, they are actually (dramatic flourish please)…


Eight Inch Pie Plates

(9 inch big momma on the right, 8 inch beauties on the left).

Pyrex hasn’t made the 8 inch pie plate (the “208,” as it’s known in the biz) for more than 30 years. I didn’t even know they existed myself until I saw one at my mom’s about two years ago. She’d gotten it from my grandmother’s house when she passed away (and if you have one at home, I’m pretty sure you got yours from a similar place, right?).

Ever since then I’ve been on a quest, because I eat a lot of pie, and the smaller pie plates are a) cute and b) better sized for pies I am making for just me and Sir Monkeypants. But they are hard to come by. They turn up on eBay every now and again, but usually chipped or worn, and the shipping is insane. For a while I was very committed to checking vintage stores in the area but I never saw any and eventually gave up.

But now I have TWO. In perfect, perfect condition. BEAUTIES, I tell you.

Let the pie making begin.

7 thoughts on “Pie in Eight Inches

    1. eBay, of course :). They came from somewhere in the states and arrived lightning fast – and they are in perfect condition, they look never used.

      He says it was painful to pay so much for something that wasn’t even new – I’m not even allowed to ask how much it was. But it was worth it to him because he knew I’d never spend that kind of money on them myself.

  1. Oh. My. Goodness. My grandmother’s pie plates were this size, too. There is something about a slice of pie at that size, and I am SO glad you are going to get to make them. (And have I said how MUCH I hated that timing was off during pie party day? Gah.)

    Congratulations! And if your recipes are not super-secrets, I’m all ears.

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