And She Didn’t Even Hesitate To Think It Over

Last night, doing BrainQuest with Gal Smiley:

Question: I’m 9 years old and my dad is 47. How old will my dad be when I am 21?

Gal Smiley: He’ll be dead.


6 thoughts on “And She Didn’t Even Hesitate To Think It Over

  1. *Snort*. Reminds me of when Eve was lying on top of Matt on the couch watching tv and complained that she couldn’t hear it over his heart, then yelled STOP BEATING at his chest. Heartless little jerks.

  2. oh ya, D (11yo) spent quite a bit of time this weekend explaining to me how OLD I am and how not cool I am. How since I have never been cool I shouldn’t bother trying to be cool now. NEVER COOL!!!!! This child has no idea who his mama is 😉

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