Lords of the Ring

I’ve been working my way through The Lord Of The Rings movies on DVD with the Captain these past few weeks. It’s part reward for his hard work reading The Hobbit, and part to ensure he is not socially stunted at school, as it seems EVERY other person in his class has seen them, and he is getting tired of laughing at Merry and Pippin jokes as if he actually understands what they mean.

I had forgotten how chock-full those movies are of delightfully warm-blooded men. Uh-huh.

Image from LordOfTheRings.net

Here’s Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn. Normally I’m not a big fan of his, but when Aragorn is taking on all nine Nazgul single-handedly, that’s pretty magical. And the way he looks intently into Arwen’s eyes is pretty magical. And the way he maintains a perfect 3-day stubble even though they are wandering the countryside with no food and water is awfully magical. Mmm.

Image from LordOfTheRings.net

This is Orlando Bloom as Legolas. Poor Orlando never did live up to the major heartthrob expectations that The Lord Of The Rings trilogy set out for him. However, we can all still enjoy the way he turned Legolas from a fairly average character in the book into an Earthbound Angel with Flashing Dark Eyes in the movies. Not to mention the fact that effective use of a bow and arrow is a little…suggestive. Mmmm.

Image from LordOfTheRings.net

Here’s Sean Bean as Boromir. His stringy hair and pointed nose are not really my thing. However, I always found Boromir’s flawed character to be one of the most interesting in the book, and he did a great job in the movie. So I’d at least have him over for dinner, is what I’m saying, and we’ll see what happens.

Image from LordOfTheRings.net

Now let us consider Karl Urban as Eomer. I had completely forgotten he was in these movies. For shame! I pretty much find Karl Urban to be witty and smart and super charismatic at all times. Add in long blonde hair and – yeow.

Image from LordOfTheRings.net

This is David Wenham as Faramir, Boromir’s brother. I’d completely forgotten about him as well, and that’s so very wrong considering he’s the cuter half of the sibling pair. Also: super sensitive, kind, thoughtful, and brave. And, he ends up with Eowyn, who rocks the house and is my favourite character in the whole series. He’s SO dreamy.

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Lastly: am I the only one who finds Hugo Weaving as Elrond to be totally sexy? Oh, just me then? Um…nevermind.

4 thoughts on “Lords of the Ring

  1. I love you SO much. Also, Karl Urban is in the Lord of the Rings movies? You could knock me over with a feather. Matt watches these with Eve every Christmas – it’s probably time I gave myself a little refresher as well. Not just for the hunky dudes, of course.

    What have you decided about Blissdom?

  2. You are one lucky lady, getting to rewatch those. I remember being pregnant for two of the three and all I could think at the theatre was how I had to pee. Then Mini Me went and watched them without me when he was home sick one day. IDamn! s it creepy if I make my kids watch them with me because I want to check out all the hunky men? Karl Urban. Yummm.

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