Wrapping Up The Dance Show

Tonight’s the night – two champions will be crowned, amazing dancing will happen, and then I’ll go into withdrawal for another year. Dance Show! Don’t leave me!

First, some quick highlights from last week’s show: did you notice, when the boys came out for the intro part, that they each did another dancer’s style? Chehon did some kung fu moves, Cyrus posed with ballet arms, and then Cole did the robot. Possibly my most favourite moment of the entire season. Second, I was just super thrilled to see Jean-Marc Genereux in the house, and the number he did for Benji (Benji!!) and Tiffany was a highlight of the night. Third, Ray Leeper is still creepy but the dance he did for Witney and Marko (the wedding that didn’t happen) was, I thought, the best work he’s done on this show. Lastly, Eliana and Cole were marvelous in the Mia Michaels number, making me sad that Cole didn’t get more choreographers who didn’t want him to be evil, and also making me ask, yet again, why Mia does not have her own show. Why, TV Gods, why?

As fits with this season, when I have been off-kilter and out-of-sync and unbalanced and other words that mean TOTALLY WRONG, I find it almost impossible to predict the tonight’s winners. Both the boys’ race and the girls’ race seem, at least to me, to be too close to call. Let’s discuss.

Eliana over Tiffany

Although I have a feeling she is the underdog, I want Eliana to win, so I’m putting her on top. I think she’s the best dancer this season, and also has the most winning personality. She’s had some great moments, held her own with the all-stars, and shown that she can handle pretty much any old style. Tiffany, while popular, is missing something for me. She’s a great dancer but I find her forgettable – she does not have the stage presence of past champions like Lauren, Janeane, Melanie, and Sabra. She’s dynamic and beautiful, but I would say that this entire season she has not shown a lot of maturity (like say, Chehon’s tango with Anya); depth of emotion (like say, Lindsay’s recreation of Mia Micheal’s addiction number); or personification of a character that is completely different than her own personality (like say, Witney’s bad ass hip hop vixen with Twitch two weeks ago). So although Eliana perhaps hasn’t shown the kind of growth we usually see from a winner, I think she deserves to come out on top and I’ll be rooting for her.

Chehon over Cyrus

I just changed that title about 10 times, back and forth. This one is seriously SO close. I am putting Chehon’s name down (in very light pencil) because I think he’s surged ahead with the back story these past few weeks. His family history is adorable, he’s shown a lot of emotion in both his dancing and in his personal moments on stage. Plus, he’s a kick-ass dancer and I think the SYTYCD audience, in the end, really respects that. On the other hand, Cyrus had an amazing week last week, with his Dubstep with Comfort (I admit I am not cool enough to know what the hell that is, but it was awesome), and his super sweet Broadway number with Tiffany (Spencer Liff, you super cutie, call me!). So this one really could go either way – your guess is as good as mine!

Who do you think will win?

[Edited to add: The show as on last night, and it was performance only – they didn’t pick the winners! I could not be MORE out of sync with this season. In any case, I stick by my original predictions – the winners will be announced next week, presumably during their usual “best of” show. GAH.]

3 thoughts on “Wrapping Up The Dance Show

  1. you inspired me to watch the last couple of weeks (had watched the audition/Vegas weeks but not the live shows at all)!

    i love all 4 dancers but Chehon is my favorite. Re. the ladies, It’s Eliana all the way for me. i find her so much more interesting to watch.

    as for Mia M getting her own show. … i’d be all over that!! love her.

  2. smothermother

    i’m not a fan of this season. nigel keps saying that is is “america’s favorite dancer” and not the “best dancer” which means we haven’t had the best dancers get put through to the finale. and eliminated 2 each week made it such a short season. buy i digress.

    i think eliana should win the whole danm thing. That Mia Michels number. O. M. frakkin G! one of the very best evah!

    I think it’s going to be Cyrus. Unfortunately. Sure he is a great guy, can do crazy ass shot with his body that makes no sense! But dub step is ALL he can do. The chorepgraphers create dancers for him that he barely has to do anything, except hold the girls up. Ever notice that he is ALWAYS in teh back or the shadows of the opening numbers? But America has voted him through the entire season (he was NEVER in the bottom 2) so I think he has already won it. Too bad for Cole. I think it would have been a good win if either he or Cheon won the guys.

    There. I’ve said my peace. 🙂

  3. Haven’t watched Tuesday’s show yet. (Mr. Chatty can watch only so much dance in one week. I know…. I know…)

    But MAN, that Mia Michaels routine was incredible. She really puts the others to shame. I nearly cried. So moving…

    And ya, loved the Benji number. Jean-Marc rocks!

    Diddo on the girls: Eliana has so much more emotion and personality when she dances. However, although I prefer Eliana, I feel pretty certain the audience will choose Tiffany. Tiffany has never been in the bottom two/three. I imagine most voters are young girls, and they can relate to Tiffany way better than Eliana who seems older than she is.

    As for the guys, I think Cyrus will win (again, going with the odds based on the fact he hasn’t been in the bottom), and I think that’s my preference. Chehon, like Tiffany, seems to lack emotion and personality, although the judges seem to disagree with me.

    In general, I’m still really REALLY bitter that it won’t be Cole. BITTER.

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