The Return of the Year of Epic!

I’m still stopping my Year of Epic posts, but as part of my work for SavvyMom, I’m still keeping an eye on events around Ottawa. There’s seriously SO MUCH to do in this city, that it’s almost impossible to keep track of it all. I find that now that I’m not doing the Year of Epic posts, fabulous events are passing me by and I’m not organized enough to actually get out and about.

So I’ve started up a Facebook page to keep track of cool stuff I hear about to do around Ottawa, specifically for kids and families. If you liked the Year of Epic posts, please go like the Turtlehead Facebook page. My plan right now is to add events on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday for the upcoming weekend. If you’d prefer to hear about things earlier, let me know and I’ll play around with the timeline.

Go there right now to see what’s up for this coming weekend, September 15-16.