Just Curious

These past couple of weeks I’ve been worried that the Year of Epic posts are clogging up my blog feed with a lot of junk that is not interesting to those outside Ottawa, and perhaps not even interesting to those inside Ottawa.

So, just wondering – do you like them? Want to keep them and see more? Or could you take them or leave them? Want me to move them to a separate blog stream?

Let me know!

11 thoughts on “Just Curious

  1. CapnPlanet

    They’re not interesting to me of course, but FWIW it’s pretty trivial for me to skip over them in my Reader feed. Most of the other blogs I read have a much lower signal-to-noise ratio, so I’d vote for keeping them in this blog since I know it will make your life simpler.

  2. Eileen

    I love all your blog posts, Lynn, including your Year of Epic ones. I read and enjoy everything you write..

  3. I’m loving the Year of Epic posts (and all your posts for that matter!). I vote to keep them otherwise there may be some more awesome events coming up that we’ll all miss out on. Thanks for sharing them!

  4. As an out-of-towner, I can say I don’t at all feel that the Year of Epic posts are clogging up my reader. I probably don’t read them with quite the same attention I would pay to your other posts, but I still skim through them to see what kind of cool things are going on in Ottawa. I vote that you keep on postin’ them.

  5. twohandsfull

    Personally I love them and have used them for weekend planning. You single handedly saved me from disappointing my son by mentioning that comicon might sell out.

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