So here’s what happened. Our laundry room is the same room as our mud room, so there’s usually shoes scattered around on the floor. Yesterday I did a load of sheets and towels, and I put the dirty laundry on the floor for a moment while I took some wet stuff out of the washer. Then I picked up the load and put it in the washer and washed it on warm; later I moved it wholesale (I was rushed) into the drier where it was dried on medium.

When I was taking the clean laundry out of the dryer I discovered a shoe had gone through the load.

It was one of Gal Smiley’s crocs. I laughed because it was kind of funny and fitting for my scatterbrained, hurried kind of day. But I figured crocs are fully waterproof and indestructible, so no harm, no foul, right? If anything, she had a nice clean shoe. So I put it back in her cubby with the other one.

Then, later that day…Gal Smiley tried to put her shoes on, and complained that they no longer fit. Turns out this happened:

Shrunken Croc\


Did you know that crocs, apparently, shrink when exposed to heat?

Here’s a shot of the underside so you can see that both of these shoes are supposed to be the same size. SUPPOSEBLY, as Joey Tribbiani would say.

Shruken croc, again

The smaller one now is even too small for Little Miss Sunshine, which means the shrunken croc shrunk over two sizes down. That is a LOT of shrinkage. I can’t believe that I have never heard about this danger before.

Poor Gal Smiley is like one of the cranky stepsisters. No matter how she shoves, her foot ain’t getting in there.

Her foot don't fit!

So sadly, I think we have no choice but to invest in a new pair, and for me to be a little more careful about what’s getting scooped into the laundry. In the meantime, if anyone has a kid with really, really small feet, I’d be happy to shrink the other one for you and create a matched set.

Edited to add: Apparently this shrinkage thing is a known issue, but some people actually use it to their advantage by purposely heating their crocs, wearing them warm, and letting them shrink up until they are custom moulded to their feet. Who knew?

10 thoughts on “Shrinkage

  1. CapnPlanet

    Huh – I had no idea either. I guess it’s open to debate whether that’s a bug or a feature.

    I can totally see how this could happen though – they are so light, and they probably barely even make a sound tumbling around in the dryer. Good thing they’re pretty inexpensive I guess.

  2. That stinks for Gal Smiley but it’s a great lesson for the rest of us! I’ve out the boys crocs in the dishwasher before but thankfully the hot water/steam didn’t result in shrinkage

  3. i think i am the only mother alive who has never purchased a croc! i really truly hate them. i know i know, you all love them. but, I will never change. it is a deep loathing that i reserve for few things. now, i can say it’s because they shrink when heated!

  4. Alice

    I read you can also use heat to stretch them. I think it’s an advantage as you can custom fit your crocs. Also it’s hard for me to find shoes that fit perfectly (either too small or too big) so I’m going to try this out.

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