The Return of Frances

Back in September, Little Miss Sunshine started ballet classes on Monday afternoons while the older two were still in school. I thought it would be a nice quiet hour for me, maybe read a book, maybe pop out for an errand or two.

But then came the first week. I was sitting in the waiting area with a magazine when I heard a sound from the studio right next to ballet class. It sounded like…tapping. Good tapping. Advanced tapping.

One thing I don’t mention much on this blog is that I am a tap dancer. I’ve been tapping since I was a child and I’ve taken classes on and off as an adult. I LOVE tap dancing. It is the only form of exercise I actually get excited about. It is one of the few things that make me want to leave the house. In fact, I am proud to say that I own this:

The Very Definition of Fabulousness

Oh yes, I am serious about tap.

So I asked at the desk, and it turns out that the tap class that is on at the exact same time as ballet is an intermediate level tap class.

For seniors.

But they’re good! Really good! Most of them have been tapping for years. Most of them tap at least twice, sometimes three times a week. And, they even have their own little dance troupe, with costumes and bookings and shows and everything. They are SERIOUS about tap.

So I begged them to let me into the class, and they said yes, and the rest, as they say, is history.

I love my tap class. It’s so much fun, and bonus: I get to be the young kid in the class. One lady in the first week asked if “what are you, about 20?” AWESOME. It’s one of the highlights of my week.

So last week, I came into class as usual and there was a new person in the class.


Frances is a lady that used to be in my old tap class, a few years ago. I wrote a whole post about how awesome she is, because at that time she was already in her 70s and had just started to learn tap. I was in a class with other Mommy types and she was way older than us but still kicking up her heels in a kick-ass kind of way. Plus, I used to see her at the pool once a week when I took the Little Miss for a swim lesson, where she was doing laps with her husband.

I totally want to BE Frances when I grow up.

And there she was! In my new tap class! LIFE IS COMPLETE.

Of course she had only the haziest memory of who I was. It probably didn’t help that I assaulted her with glee and practically jumped around in her face. Frances! Frances! Frances! I care not. I will admire her from afar or close, as required.

The last few weeks, the Little Miss has been grumbling that she doesn’t care for ballet any more. TOO BAD KID. You will be going to ballet NOW AND FOREVER. Doesn’t she even realize that FRANCES is in my class now? I’m a lifer.

12 thoughts on “The Return of Frances

  1. I’m not sure exactly WHY, but that post brought me such JOY. I suppose I so GET the joy that this moment brought to you. and the tapping, of course!

  2. Ha! Awesomeness! Frances, Frances, Frances, be my friend and never leave me! If Little Miss gives you grief, you’ve got your labour story all ready to go, right?

  3. And BTW, Frances *is* awesome. Her modesty just makes her even more awesome.

    It would be ridiculous for me to aspire to be like Frances when I’m older because I can’t even be like Frances *now*!

  4. That sounds so fun!
    Now I feel the need to sign my kids up for tap, so that I can watch and see what it’s all about.
    DH and I used to do a lot of ballroom dancing, and we might even be able to get back into it again now that the kiddos are getting big. Exciting!

  5. smothermother

    ahhh hahahaha! i fooled wordpress with a fake email. though that means you can never get back to me on any comments i leave. so i think i will have to fix that eventually.

    so, what i have been trying to say for the past few days while trying to figure out how to leave comments on wordpress blogs is that i think it’s so crazy awesome that you are a tap dancer. i tried irish dance for a while, and loved it. but what i didn’t like was the 10pm class time for the adult class. it was just too hard to get too. i’d love to try lyrical dance, but what dance school would have lyrical classes for 40 yr olds who can’t even touch their toes. 😉

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