Closer To Free

Well, that Backstreet Boys thing went on in this house for many days, with all five of us dealing with serious Song Worm issues. It was getting desperate.

Then Sir Monkeypants broke us all out of the Pattern of Harm with this:

I was thinking about Party of Five the other day because Little Miss Sunshine insists she has a cavity (really: manufactured drama because Gal Smiley has a loose tooth and we are all making a fuss over it). That got me thinking about the episode when Claudia has like, five cavities, and Charlie sees it as a personal parenting failure on his part, then Claudia tries to make him feel better by eating lots and lots of apples. Ah, I yearn for those more innocent days of television.

So based on that train of thought, I challenged Sir Monkeypants to name all five Salinger children, because although I am usually quite good at that sort of pop culture trivia, I was drawing a complete blank when it came to the wee toddler boy Salinger. And Sir Monkeypants actually knew it, and that was sex-ay, my friends.

Then we had listen to the theme song on YouTube approximately one million times, and played it for the kids too, so now we are all trying to be Closer to Free.

Sir Monkeypants got on a kick there where he was showing the kids YouTube videos of all kinds of TV openings. He and I got all nostalgic about Magnum, P.I.

Ah, I yearn for the days when shows took a full minute to introduce their cast of just four people.

I’m trying to convince Sir Monkeypants that what he and I need now is a Magnum marathon, because in all seriousness, that is a show that Holds Up (short shorts notwithstanding). Tom Selleck, still cool in 2012 – who knew? Oh who am I kidding, WE ALL DID.

7 thoughts on “Closer To Free

  1. Thank god you said that, because I was like, god Lynn, you didn’t know that? How embarrassing for you.

    Speaking of embarrassing, I could name all the Salinger kids without a moment’s reflection. It really bugs my husband that shows don’t have theme songs any more.

  2. Carly

    I loved Party of Five – watched it religiously and would love to see it again, from the beginning. The early episodes were the best, I thought.

    It was “Owen” wasn’t it? The youngest, I mean?

    1. Yup – Charlie, Bailey, Julia, Claudia, Owen. I wonder if it would stand up given the kind of extreme dramas and comedies that are on air today. I’d be curious to see an early episode and see what it was like.

  3. OMG are we already at the point where we’re nostalgic about Po5? That makes me feel so OLD. I loved that show. And I too, could totally name all the kids 🙂

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