Still Alive

Ugh, this December is just kicking my ass. And the “c” key is broken on my laptop. Do you know how hard it is to complain about a month kicking your ass, without the “c” key? DO YOU?

So! Some quick updates. First, the gluten thing. Let me say again, thank you SO much to all those who offered kind words, recipes, ideas, links, and general support. I am already feeling much better and things are going okay. We’ve had some hits and some misses with the food thing but so far everyone is receiving nourishment and we have not starved to death. I have a bunch of new gluten-free cookie recipes to try out for the holidays and I have a hundred new kinds of flour in the kitchen and it’s all good.

Second, the advent calendar. It figures, after I went to all that trouble to make a calendar suitable for Lasting Tradition…the kids have not been that into it this year. As I feared, it is really hard to squeeze in the activities around homework and friends and Christmas prep and everything else that is going on around here. The Captain in particular is not interested in things like crafts and baking and ballet shows this year, so he has opted out of several of the activities, which kind of makes it less of a family thing, you know? On the other hand, the Little Miss is still excited about most things and so is finding it hard to wait until the big kids get home from school, and since they are busy and unenthusiastic I sometimes do her activity with her in the afternoon, so. We’re working it out. I think next year I need to brainstorm some new activities that will suit everyone.

Third, Sweet Smart Design is going well and I am really busy with it. But don’t let that deter you! Now taking bookings for January.

Fourth, there is pie in the fridge. What’s that, pie? You need some love and attention? I’M ON IT.

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  1. OMG the F key is broken on my home laptop. It has been for ages and we are just too lazy to get it fixed. You don’t realize how much you depend on a letter until everytime you need to use it you need to copy and paste it into what you are working on. Can’t wait to hear about some of the cookie recipes. I’m finding the the advent activities tough this year…the evenings are just too short and rushed.

  2. Bummer about the advent calendar. Not sure if you’re soliciting ideas, but here are mine anyway:

    1) Stop trying so hard. Instead of a TOTALLY SUPER FUN activity every day, make some days (most days?) real simple. For example, include a cool sticker for each kid in the pocket. Or give each kid a special bonus of their own. E.g., Maybe Gal’s would be “Skip piano practice and watch an extra 30 minutes of TV”. You could even make these into coupons the kids could cash in on later (with an expiry date of Dec 25, of course).

    2) Have an activity for Little Miss and one for the older two kids. Again, they don’t have to be TOTALLY SUPER FUN. Remember our advent calendars? They were a picture. That’s it! The excitement was about the opening more about what was inside. Think about it.

    3) Play some pranks! Instead of an activity, include a funny joke. Or one of those “Sorry, try again” messages. Adds a bit of excitement. “What am I gonna get today?”

  3. How the heck did I miss the gluten post? Poor Captain. Poor you. As if keeping three kids fed isn’t hard enough without food allergy hopscotch. I’m glad 32 other people were there to offer sympathy and advice.

    Also – crap, I let Angus go to bed without making him murder rudolph the red-nosed reindeer on the piano. Should I wake him up? Maybe not.

  4. I’m happy things are going well for you on the GF front that can really be a challenge with multiple mouths to feed.
    And I really can’t comment on the advent calendar thing, I have a little magnetic tree that v is supposed to be putting ornaments on each day, and I NEVER remember. *g*

  5. Or you could just totally cave like me and give them chocolate. One every day for breakfast – they NEVER forget! Mind you I have a super-cute (IMHO) string of 24 small felt stockings along our mantel and I buy the chocolate and stuff them so there’s some element of (a) quality and (b) surprise (I mix up what they’re going to get each day; sometimes mini chocolate snowmen, sometimes Hershey’s kisses. Mine are seven and nine so this may be the way to go for kids who are getting older…

  6. My deepest sympathy for the loss of your “c” key. May “k”s and “s”s help see you through this diffikult time.

    December and holidays can be overwhelming at the best of times. Make sure you are taking time for yourself to do something selfish. Everyone needs recharge time and it helps make kid management for the Christmas of Awesome seem so much better. Kids tend to not read the manual on how to react with proper appreciation for the efforts we put in to Christmas things but they do love the season. Enjoy it all.

  7. Overall, Maya enjoys our Advent Jar (a new note appears every day … we went this route instead of a calendar), but a few of the activities have been misses — even ones she had previsouly professed to wanting to do. Most of her activities we’re doing in the afternoon, while Chloe naps. I’m not sure if I’ll do 25 days next year. I might shorten it and start a little later.

  8. Urgh, I an’t imagine how anyone ould get by without a ‘C’ key :P. Congrats on making it through! And I came here looking for your business link, so kind of you to have put it *right* *here* in a post 🙂

  9. Reading (and chickens)

    I may look up your rates for January. My blog needs a makeover!

    (We don’t even bother with a crafty Advent calendar, just the cheap one with chocolates from the drug store. The activities never work out, and then I get all mopey. Bah humbug!)

  10. Can I just say how super happy I am for you that you’ve launched your web design biz? Every time I look at the Sweet Smart Design website I get a big freakin’ smile on my face. I just know you’re going to do amazingly well with it.

    Have a great Christmas! If the “c” on your laptop is still not working, feel free to use one of mine: ccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc


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