Easy As Pie

That last post was a little depressing for the holidays (although thank you SO MUCH for your supportive and kind comments), so I wanted to bump it down in favor of PIE.

Saturday night was my second annual pie party and many, many pies were eaten. Oh my, but they were delicious. I made four pies, a crust-less pie, two sets of tarts, and one set of mini-pies that were gluten free, egg free, milk free, and even sugar free. Those last ones were surprisingly delicious and the Captain LOVED them, which was very gratifying, as did our one guest who has similar food restrictions.

Man, do I ever love pie.

Shoofly pie, raspberry pie, peach cream pie
Strawberry tarts
Maple Tarts
Gluten free pies
Some of the pies

11 thoughts on “Easy As Pie

  1. so sad i missed it. glad it was a good time. and i need you to send karen the apple pie recipe so she can make it and i can eat it. because we all know there isn’t a chance in hell that i am going to make pie. 😉

  2. The last time I baked pie was on Thanksgiving Day. It was my first task of the day and something I’ve been doing for many years but nothing like your apple pie. I wanted to bake my best pie which is gluten free, eggs free, milk free, and sugar free just like yours, maybe something for this holidays.

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