ThisClose To Being a Professional Mechanic

Hey, remember last winter when I got caught downtown with the girls in a snowstorm with a flat tire? And how I kind of freaked out and called Sir Monkeypants in tears and barely made it home alive?

Today I was out running errands with the kids and guess what happened – the flat tire light came on!

But now I am a wisened professional at this, so I calmly pulled into the nearest gas station (luckily we were in Kanata, which has a gas station about every 500 metres). Then I dug the air pressure checker thinger out of the glove box and checked the tire pressure (after removing all the hubcaps with my BARE HANDS, because I am badass like that).

Having identified the troubled tire, I made a quick, calm call to Sir Monkeypants just to check and see what the tire pressure should be. Then I passed around granola bars and gummies to keep the kids calm while I put some money in the air machine and filled the tire.

Then, with oily hands that I didn’t even bother to clean, I carried on with the errands.


Of course, I am never driving the van again, but that’s merely a coincidence.

10 thoughts on “ThisClose To Being a Professional Mechanic

  1. Krista R

    I bow down to you – very impressive. I would have cried hysterically, yelled at the kids, ditched the car and hailed a cab. Seriously.

  2. Marianne

    Very cool. I woudl probbaly have called my husband and made him come to deal with it. And when he complained, I would point out that he’s the one who made me give up my CAA membership in order to save money.

  3. You rock. I live in fear of any mechanical thingy that might go wrong while I’m out driving. I like to think I could handle it, but deep down I’m pretty sure I’d be a wreck.

  4. Wow, stone cold cojones indeed. I would just leave the van by the side of the road, torch it, and never speak of the incident again. (coincidentally, this is what happens every time we have to move. our insurance is getting pricey.)

  5. Tires are one of the main reasons why I have CAA. But you are very awesome – I didn’t even know you had to take the hubcaps off to check the tire pressure. Why are these things so hard??

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