Saunders Farm

I’ve just been abysmal at posting about our Summer of Awesome, but trust me, it’s happening. Almost every day at least one of the kids declares it to be the Best! Day! Ever!, which is very satisfying. We’re having a blast and I can’t believe it’s almost over – why can’t it be summer all the time?

Eventually I’ll post a list and some mini reviews of the things we have done, but in the meantime I did find time to write a longer review of Saunders Farm over at Kids in the Capital. Believe it or not, it was even more awesome than last year – they have a few new attractions and it was so worth it.

Hope your summer is just as awesome!

3 thoughts on “Saunders Farm

  1. Marianne

    FYI, there’s a swarmjam deal for 50% off a $40 voucher for admission for 2 to Saunders farm that is on for another 9 hours (currently 2:30pm) … in case anyone is looking for a deal. The voucher expires Oct 10, so right before their Halowwen season.

  2. Michael

    Saunders is great, we’ve had seasons passes for the last few years running. I suggest another Ottawa Valley classic, Storyland, near Renfrew. We went recently and while some of the dioramas are showing their age, there is a small pond for pedal boats, a nice walk through the woods, splash pad and free miniput. My youngest boys are 5 and 4 and I was afraid they would be bored with it but they had a blast.

  3. Good for you! I feel the same way – we’ve done so much but we could do so much more. Also, I just commented somewhere else yesterday that they did sweet eff all for the last month of school, which makes me bitter – we should have yanked them and started Summer of Awesome early.

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