The Trash Can Sinatras

I’m so excited right now I could just about pee my pants. And thus, this should be a pretty entertaining blog post. Every time you see a typo, DRINK!

So there is this band, from Scotland, who I love. And the only other person in the universe who I know who loves them is my sister, FameThrowa. And this band is called The Trash Can Sinatras. I own everything they have ever produced, which is a surprising amount considering no one else has ever heard of them.

They only ever played here in Ottawa one time, and that was September 24, 2004, and I had just had a baby three days before (Gal Smiley), and I STILL thought about going. If only I knew then what I know now about baby wearing.

Here’s how awesome FameThrowa is: she talked the band into letting her record the whole concert for me, through their sound board. AWESOME.

So there is another band that I love that slightly more people have heard of, and they are called Belle and Sebastian.

And if you are familiar with my “About Me” page, you will know that I have an unhealthy obsession with Ken Jennings.

Kay, I feel like the excitement is fading as I have to explain all this detail.

Plus, I have a feeling everyone else in the world is going to find this very anti-climatic.

My point here is that Ken Jennings blogged today (of COURSE I read his blog) and mentioned that last night he was at a Belle and Sebastian concert, and that the Trash Can Sinatras were opening.


On SO many levels.

Trash Cans + Belles + KenJen = Pants Peeing.

In other news, I spent almost all day today putting together a mixed CD of all my personal theme songs in celebration of my 40th birthday. I was going to make copies and hand them out to everyone but now I realize no one will ever, ever enjoy this CD except for me. I’m thinking that Sir Monkeypants probably won’t even let me play it in the car. So I’m not sure I will be doing that.

But while making this CD I spent hours, hours, listening to both these bands and so I’m just in the right nostalgic frame of mind right now for maximum SQUEE.


I’ll try to calm down now.

5 thoughts on “The Trash Can Sinatras

  1. CapnPlanet


    I’m curious how the soundboard recording was.

    Also — if you don’t distribute CDs with your theme songs, at least blog about them so we know what they are…

  2. I love when stuff like that happens. And what about when you’re in the car by yourself? Or with your kids, who have no power over the stereo?

  3. can’t say that i am a ken jennings fan but i love belle and sebastian as well as tcs! i think the cd of favorites is an awesome idea as a bday give away. we got one at our friends wedding 8 yrs ago and it still has a spot in the car holder!

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