Life is All Around Me

It seems like everyone with a garden likes to blog about their garden and I’m sure it gets tedious. And yet, I am spending so much time on this little patch of earth – mostly just marvelling at it – that I have to share. Hope y’all don’t mind.

Our teeny tiny garden has just exploded with life in the past few weeks. Witness:

Garden mid-July

Most of this stuff was grown from seed. Isn’t that crazy? Those of you who garden all the time are like, yes, yes, Lynn, WE KNOW. But I just can’t get over it. Food! From the ground! We grew it!

Doesn’t it just blow your mind?

That huge, huge, dark green plant in the back corner is just one (1) tomato plant. It’s so huge now I think it maybe got some radiation exposure somehow. My mom told me last week that I was supposed to be cutting it back as it grew, but how was I supposed to know that? Now its stems are as thick as the Little Miss’ wrists and I’m afraid I’ll damage it if I cut anything off. So I just replanted some of the smaller plants it was enveloping and now it’s free to run wild, along with the zucchini plant next to it who is its ginormous partner in crime.

Tomatos and Zucchinis Oh My!

So far we have harvested some lettuce, radishes, and peas in the pod. The best thing about having a garden is the way the kids will try anything that comes from the garden because they had a hand in growing it. In fact, I can’t actually get any peas to make it from the garden to our table, because as soon as any pods are remotely close to being big enough to eat, little fingers are in there helping themselves. And I can’t really complain about that.

Next year, more peas.

Here’s a shot of some of the radishes we grew:

Radishes from the garden

I highly recommend radishes to all novice gardeners. They were so easy and they go from seed to table in just three weeks. Within a few days you’ll have a little plant; within a week a recognizable garden; in two weeks you’ll see the red root pushing up at the surface of the ground. It’s very rewarding and the kids loved seeing the plants come up into food so quickly.

The second best thing about having a garden is that when I go to make dinner and find we are short on side veggies, I just go out to the garden and grab some. It’s like having the Farm Boy in my backyard! And that is COOL.

So all this is to say that we’ll definitely garden again. It’s already been so amazing, and surprisingly easy. Other than watering it a lot during the seed phase and a couple of times on really hot days, we haven’t done anything else.

Except enjoy. YUM.

9 thoughts on “Life is All Around Me

  1. Next year you should extend your garden to the fence and put up a trellis. There are a lot of plants that will happily climb instead of spread, if given something to climb. There are pole beans, peas that grow on a vine, cucumber, and even some of the big heavy squash (like spaghetti squash) or melons (thick little juicy watermelon) will grow up a simple trellis. That way they don’t invade the rest of your space so much.

    And for tomatoes, I’ve been growing mine in big 5g (or bigger) buckets with holes drilled in the bottom. Then I just put them in front of the deck where they’ll get lots of sun, but aren’t permanent. You could even have your kiddos decorate the buckets, or use metal garbage cans or some other equally big container.

    I credit our first garden in Calgary for Liam (7 yrs) being such a veggie fiend. He was enamoured with that little patch of land and loved being able to eat vegetables right out of it.

  2. Guess you don’t have the Barrhaven Bunny Blight — my parents’s peas have been devoured to the ground, twice. We didn’t grow vegetables this year because we knew we wouldn’t be around in the first part of July, but I agree — running to the back yard for food is SO COOL. Even being able to use my own herbs always gives me a ridiculous giddy thrill. Except this year with the heat and neglect, I’m afraid the herbs are going to eat me instead.

  3. our tomatoes plants have gone completely crazy too. i have no idea about the whole cutting back thing. i think i’m going to have to read a little about it for next year. i can’t wait for the red peppers to start coming in.

  4. I am growing my first little garden too and just dug a hole in the ground. It needs to be raised for next year and it needs a bunny guard because all of the carrots and peas have been eaten by them. But I have 2 red peppers on the way, a bunch of tomatoes and my cucumber plants are going crazy!!
    We haven’t been able to eat anything from it yet but I expect it won’t be long now. And I am enamored with my garden. I never expected it and I am super excited to make it better next year!

  5. Beautiful garden, Turtlehead! And you’re right about kids trying anything from the garden. My husband and Darling Daughter have been co-gardening our veggie garden for the past two years, and she’s now eating spinach and peppers because we’re growing them. The best part is when she is getting things from the garden, she always presents them in a bowl as her “bounty”. Like, “look at our bounty, Mom!” Love it.

  6. Lucky you! The only that grew in our garden that could be considered edible is parsley. Despite my best de-weeding, our entire plot has been overrun with large grass and weeds.
    (Probably partly due to our sketchy next door neighbours who neglect their yard and the seeds from theirs migrated to our yard)

  7. Looks fantastic. I always marvel at how much comes from those little tiny seeds. Amazing. And I love sending the kids out to help themselves off the vines of cherry tomatoes and peas. Yum!

  8. Your garden looks great! I am inspired by your G20 fence around the border…we should have done that. Our garden has been eaten by a bunny (or a little critter). Tomato plants, beans and a pumpkin – gone. Next year we’ll do better. 🙂

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