Indoor Shoes

So Friday was the last day of school, and my two older children brought home their indoor shoes, which are the running shoes they wear at school throughout the year. Both kids started out the school year with a brand new pair of shoes.

Friday, Gal Smiley brings home a nice looking pair of runners that her sister will be able to wear when she gets older.

The Captain comes home with these:

Indoor Shoes
Indoor Shoes with toes inside

Oh my God, the mortification. His teacher must think his parents are dirt poor, or don’t love him, or both. Thank goodness I don’t have to face his teacher again for at least two months. I need at least that long for my face to stop being beet red with embarrassment. GAH!

No wonder he got that B in gym.

13 thoughts on “Indoor Shoes

  1. MrsCarlSagan

    Wow! He worked hard in those! Last year W came home with his and the backs of them were all scrunched down – he’s been wearing them like slip-ons because they had gotten too small and he didn’t tell me.

  2. I can’t believe the teacher didn’t send them home at one point in the year to suggest new ones!

    That’s funny! I wouldn’t be embarrassed though!

  3. That is SO funny! I am so equally mortified when Darling Daughter comes home and I see that at some point during the day she has decided to do something wacky with her wardrobe – like wear her undershirt as a shirt, or take off the skirt she was wearing and just wear a shirt with her tights (they are NOT like pants, I tell her). Her shoes came home looking good, which tells me she probably got away with wearing her outdoor shoes or going without shoes in her kindergarten class.

  4. Thank god I’m not the only one. The Boy wears a uniform. His dress shoes have disappeared entirely (I found out about this in June.) I reckon they are with the previous year’s tie. His gym shoes, only slightly better than those.

    What the hell…

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