Dance Show Update

So Dance Show is starting up again on Thursday, and possibly for the first time ever, I’m not looking forward to it that much.

I think maybe I’m burned out on reality thanks to American Idol and its season of suck.

Or maybe it’s that Mary Murphy and her screams won’t be around to gripe about, because the griping is one of the best parts.

But mostly, I’m really bitter about the new format. Instead of 20 dancers making it to the top level, only 10 dancers will be selected. Each of these will be paired with a past SYTYCD competitor — popular past dancers like Twitch, Comfort, and Dominic. Then, each week, one of the 10 dancers from this season will be eliminated along with their semi-pro pair.

Does this sound familiar at all? Like, Dancing With The Stars, perhaps?

I am so tired of SYTYCD having a major self-confidence problem, believing it is living in the shadow of Dancing With The Stars. I admit, that other show gets better ratings and doens’t have the embarrassment of being relegated to “summer season.”

But any true dance fan must realize that SYTYCD is a better show. Stars is about personalities. Dance Show is actually about dancing. I’ve seen some amazing things on Dance Show, beautiful things, creative things. I’ve seen dancers bloom and grow and surprise themselves.

On Stars, I’ve seen a lot of shrieking and mocking of old ladies through sequins. It is NOT about the dancing. It’s all about the drama.

And maybe that sells to a mass audience, but Dance Show, I count on you to rise above. I count on you to be original and unique and special.

I do NOT count on you to cave in to your inferiority complex and change your own show to be a pale imitation of that other show.

You are better than that.

At least Mia Michaels is back. She’ll be doing some group choreography but she’ll mostly be on the show as a permanent judge, taking Mary’s spot. Adam Shankman will be back again too, meaning that two out of three judges are two of my favourite Dance Show people of all time.

Overall, though, the show’s on notice. I’m not happy with the proposed changes, Nigel. You’ve got a very small window of time to convince me that this was a good idea.

9 thoughts on “Dance Show Update

  1. I watched seasons 2, 3 and 4 of SYTYCD and loved them. The main reason I stopped is that I just couldn’t handle the time investment it demands. I loved the show, though, and I liked the regular format. I don’t think I’d be thrilled about these changes, either, if I was still watching. The former dancers have had their time in the spotlight already.

  2. Oh, it’s starting! Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

    The changes you’ve described concern me (can you picture my furrowed brows?). In the past, I have enjoyed the early rounds best, where you’re really getting to know the dancers and seeing how they do in their partnerships.

    Well, we’ll see how this version goes.

    And I never liked Dominic… so right away, that’s a strike.

    1. I did like Dominic when he was originally on, but since his season he’s gone a little too ego-fantastic for me. Yet another reason for concern. I’d be furrowing my brows too but recently I noticed some serious deep grooves going on up in the forehead area so now I have to express my worry through blogging only :).

  3. I don’t watch reality dance shows, but if you’re feeling burned out on reality shows, may I suggest “Nurse Jackie”. Hubby and I watch it every week! 🙂

  4. crap! i didn’t know about the changes. it’s the same reason why i stopped watching amazing race. those people have had their chance. it’s not like there is a lack of good dancers out there that they are afraid they aren’t going to be able to find top quality. poop. like you, sytycd is on notice!

  5. Whaaaat?
    I love dance show. I obsessively watched the last two seasons as well as the Canadian version.
    I’m skeptical, but who knows, maybe they’ll surprise us. This way we won’t lose dancers just because their partners are holding them back, and we know that happens.
    Anyways, time will tell and I hope you keep watching because I like reading your updates 🙂

  6. Oh that’s not good. Not good at all…

    Hmmmm… I wasn’t thrilled with last season to begin with. I’m even less thrilled with this change. Gah!

  7. Apologies for the double comment.

    I just checked to see who they are bringing back… I skipped a season or two. Most seem ok, but ummm…
    wasn’t Dominic the one who kept dropping his partners on their heads?

  8. Plus, what happens when they get to the top 10? Won’t the “experienced” dancers have a huge advantage?

    And what about the great people auditioning for this season that won’t make the top 10? There are 10 extra spots they won’t get a chance at either, and maybe they won’t come back.

    Ya, we’re not impressed either.

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