And the Hits Just Keep On Coming

Just wanted to say a huge, huge thank you for the lovely comments on the Hair Incident Post. You’ve all made me feel so much better — you’ve helped me sort out my own feelings and figure it all out. You so rock.

Things are better today. We were first in line at the Goobers this morning (a fancy west-end kids’ hair salon) and the girl there, after giving me a wide-eyed look of total sympathy, did her best to even things out. There are still a few bald patches and the Little Miss’ hair is OH-MY-GOD so short, but I’m getting used to it. The Goobers girl put sparkles in her hair and the Little Miss was beyond happy, so that’s all good.

As for Gal Smiley, she remains stoic even though we have banned her from the park for this week, and removed all playing-alone-upstairs privileges. At bedtime today we had a good talk in which I reassured her that although we were upset we still loved her very much, and she admitted that she had been making a secret plan to go and live with Princess Charming next door. I told her she was stuck with us, and she actually seemed a little put out but her little secret smile gave her away. Things are looking better.

So now that I am no longer crying every time I look at the Little Miss, I can move on to crying every time I look at the Captain. He’s had a system-wide reaction to some sunscreen we put on him over the weekend, and now his face is red, rashy, and puffy, his ears are beet red and twice their normal size, and he’s itchy all over his arms and legs. Perfect. He’s getting twice daily treatments with hydrocortizone but he’s still making me teary-eyed every 30 seconds or so.

Speaking of tears, last week the Captain had a field trip the Science Museum with his class at school. At the end of the day, the museum gifted each kid a very small bouncy ball. When his class emerged from the school at the end of the day, every kid pulled a bouncy ball from their pocket and started bouncing them around.

And of course, the Captain was the one kid who lost his. It bounced off a big rock and ricocheted somewhere and it was gone. He cried and searched and cried and searched and cried, poor little kid. MOM HEARTBREAK ALERT.

Of course I was near tears myself, but the real thing that got to me was the way his classmates reacted. Several were still hanging around the school yard and they all mobilized and started looking for the Captain’s ball right away. Some came over to offer words or hugs of encouragement during the crying phases. One girl actually offered to give her own ball to the Captain and although of course I had to say no, she was just so sweet and kind that I wanted to hug her, then CRY INTO HER HAIR, because I was so moved.

Kids of the Captain’s class, I love you.

Now excuse me while I crack open YET ANOTHER box of Kleenex. It’s been quite a week!

10 thoughts on “And the Hits Just Keep On Coming

  1. betsy mae

    crack open a beer or wine bottle, you soooo deserve it!

    i’m glad you feel better about the whole hair situation, i promise you will laugh at that situation one day, or at least smile…and it will most likely be mentioned at a wedding one day right?

    as for the ball…omg, i hate those moments. we had one with a balloon recently, sad.

    1. Hm, I did not even think of wine. You are ON TO SOMETHING.

      Sir Monkeypants has been documenting the unfolding hair story in great detail so that we can replay it all someday when we’re in a better mood. I’m hoping it comes around soon!

  2. CapnPlanet

    Oh my GOD that is so awesome (about the Captain’s classmates). I can so see my older son breaking down in a similar situation. I can only hope his friends will be so supportive (they’re a little too young for that behavior yet).

    This series of post really highlights an aspect of parenthood that I think most people without kids just don’t get. When you have kids, your life’s emotional dynamic range is increased hugely. The lows are lower, but the highs are so much higher (and make the lows all worthwhile). Reading about the Captain’s friends rallying to support him is exhilarating beyond words.

    1. I agree…that’s parenting in a nutshell. High highs, and low lows. The highs are worth it, though. Even these past few days, seeing the Little Miss dance with sparkles in her hair, seeing Gal Smiley honestly say she was sorry (this morning, FINALLY), and seeing the Captain consoled with his friends…it makes it all worth it.

  3. i’m glad to hear that little miss is doing good with her short hair, and that you are too. and the captain’s class mates? omg, how i am always awe struck when i see such pure compassion in little kids. sort of gives you hope for the future doesn’t it?

    1. TOTALLY. I was so impressed with those kids. I think that one girl who offered up her ball might be kind of in love with the Captain, though :).

  4. holy cow, you’be been dealt a tough week! what is they say? you are never given more than you can handle? love that story about the ball, what sweet kids to rally like that.
    edie is reacting to sunscreen as well. ugh. let me know if you find anything that doesn’t cause reactions – i suspect i might have to follow her around with a parasol all summer, huh, she’d probably love that.

    1. I’ve ordered some California Baby brand sunscreen online. It’s rumoured to be completely safe for allergy kids (no nut oils, no dairy or egg extracts, no fragrances, etc) and I’ve heard good things. It’s a titanium oxide sunscreen, so the usual chemicals aren’t there, either. We have high hopes, especially since it’s like $22 for four ounces (plus shipping!!!!).

      When it arrives I’m sure I will blog all about it. Unfortunately it must be ordered online as it hasn’t actually been approved for sale in Canada yet, so no stores here carry it.

      There is a local seller I found out about on Twitter, Nayla.Natural Care. I think she might even be here in Ottawa. She carries Badger brand, Sunny Days, and ThinkBaby, all of which are also allergy-safe zinc oxide sunscreens with none of the usual chemicals. I really wanted to try the Cali Baby stuff so I ordered that first, but these other brands also sound great and they’re on my to-try list as well.

      Here’s the link to Nayla:

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