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Sir Monkeypants and I are regular watchers of The Amazing Race, but we’re thinking about ditching it after this season because we get so mad when the locals don’t judge the detours with equal and appropriate criteria. Last week, the teams had to build a tower of 15 levels of wine glasses, using a total of 640 glasses (I think, or maybe it was 670, and I’m too lazy to do the math to check — left as an exercise to the reader!).

When the host, Phil, was outlining the task, he talked about how the challenge lay in “doing the math” to make the tower. Sir Monkeypants and I love that sort of thing, so we immediately paused the TV so we could figure it out. Our calculations showed that a square-based tower, like the Egyptian pyramids, would not work — you would not have enough glasses. The total number of glasses only worked with a triangle-shaped tower.

So, we got all excited when all the teams who chose that task started in on a square-based tower, thinking they were totally screwed, and feeling all mathematics-superior. But know what happened? When they got to the 12th level and discovered they were out of glasses, they just pulled few from the 12th level and placed one inside the other, making three more “levels” with one glass each.

And apparently, that was good enough, because they got their clue, even though MATH VIOLATION. Man, were we pissed.

In general we hate it on that show when some judges are all, oh, you half-heartedly coloured in that picture or half-assed building that wall, so, good enough, when other teams are being super careful about it because they don’t know how tough the judging is going to be and then they get screwed.

Also, we hate MATH VIOLATIONS.

Man, I can NOT believe I had a rant in me so long and involved over THE AMAZING RACE. I need to get out more.

In other news, I am totally back in with Survivor. I know, I know, we broke up years ago and I was over it, really, I was! But then they brought back Boston Rob, who is powerfully good television, and I had to check out the first episode, you know, kind of like looking up an old boyfriend on Facebook just out of curiousity.

But whoa hey! The first episode was amazing! And the second! And the third! Surprises! Backstabbing! Injuries! Actual executions of complex strategies! Amazing. So of course, now I’m totally back in. I think I’ll be able to get back out, though, after this season.

Also eating up three hours of my week: American Idol. This year’s singers are awful, terrible, I could do better. Almost everyone I actually cared about has already been voted out through the MORAL LACKING of the American people. And yet, I must watch it. After this season, though, we are done. Through. I’m moving on! I deserve better! It’s not me, it’s you!

Whew. I feel better.

7 thoughts on “Reality TV Roundup

  1. with the stelite broken and the rabbit ears only bringing in two stations with sound (we get a bunch of others but no sound?!?) my tv watching is going to be serisouly curbed. thank goodness i can whatch my reality tv online. yes, i hand my head in shame as ANTM is my guiltly pleasure.

  2. famethrowa

    I dropped American Idol before this season started, and although I’ve enjoyed previous seasons and love music, I haven’t missed it one bit. When you step away from it a bit, it’s a lot like glorified karaoke or an expensive talent show.

  3. I broke up with amazing race and survivor years ago. I tried to go back to amazing race the season before this one – didn’t happen. Survivor this season though – it’s good. And I think it’s all Boston Rob. Love him or hate him, he is GOOD at reality tv. and puzzles. dude is good at puzzles!

  4. Shyla

    WOW, are we rule followers or what? Maybe you should become a teacher….or maybe not, since students are notorious for not following the rules!
    I know about the whole Boston Rob thing! But how does SMP feel about that looking up old boyfriends on facebook? 🙂

  5. I’d love to chime in, but I like my television unreal. There’s enough bad singing and impossible tasks to get judged on in my real life.

  6. I am right there with ya, Lynn. I mean really. What kind of “tower” was that? But alas, I guess they just had to meet the height requirement and not break when the bubbly was poured. I am a die-hard Amazing race fan because I like the challanges (usually) and seeing parts of the world I will never see. Must be that unused Geography degree I have.

    Survivor is more or less a take it or leave it thing for me. This “best of” season has been better than most. Tonight I will be losing myself in Lost. Good thing I make such great use of my leisure time.

  7. We are on the verge of cutting our cable. It’s been a long, long time coming and we just can’t legitimize the cost anymore.

    I find I don’t watch TV anymore. No time, no interest. Right now I watch Lost on Tuesdays and Survivor on Thursdays, that’s it. No, that’s a lie, I often watch the Office and Parks and Rec on Thursday too. I guess I figure I can download what I want to watch online, or rent seasons on DVD and rent movies.

    My only worry is the kids – on days when they’re sick or home with bad weather, we do occasionally watch a couple hours of TV, so I’m assuming they would just watch videos maybe.

    I haven’t watched Amazing Race for a few years, but I did love it in the past. I haven’t watched AI since Kelly Clarkson won (holy crap, that must be ten years ago maybe???), and I rarely watch Survivor but AM this season for Boston Rob and Colby. Colby is a big disappointment but BR is everything I had hoped and dreamed for and more. I love the characters and their personalities this season – it’s by far one of the best seasons ever, maybe only beaten by the original season one with Richard Hatch 🙂

    Lost is definitely my one true passion. I haven’t missed an episode since day one of season one. I will be sad when it’s over.

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