I am SO not pregnant!

Time for the big news! I’m sorry if I got you all riled up over what is really a very minor announcement, but here it is: we went to DisneyWorld last week. I’ve even mentioned it before on the blog, but in the weeks leading up to our trip, Sir Monkeypants started to worry that if I announced the exact dates that we’d be away, my internet stalkers would break into the house. I tried to reassure him that my internet stalkers are all very nice people who would surely put everything back where they found it, after they came over and sniffed everything, but I just couldn’t convince him.

It pretty much killed me not to blog about the trip in January, because I spent hours and hours packing and planning, and I had so much to share with the world. It seemed as though Sir Monkeypants and I would have a major strategy and planning session every evening. So I hope to go back now and revisit some of the bigger challenges, and how we handled them.

That’ll have to wait for tomorrow, though. For now, we are home, and happy.

6 thoughts on “I am SO not pregnant!

  1. betsy mae

    You can tell Sir Monkeypants (I wish I would have said ‘your spouse/husband/mate/man’ as I find it hard to say ‘monkeypants’ lol!) that I WAS stalking your blog waiting for you to return so you can tell me all about your trip! I know you are busy but I am very excited to hear all about it (all the teeny tiny details if you find the time).
    Hope you enjoy doing all the laundry that I’m sure you will have to do and I look forward to your posts (or email if you are so inclined!)…but no rush I’ve got a few months.

  2. Gasp! Girl, you are not only bad ass, but you are SNEAK-Y! It totally did not even occur to me that you were away, and I even knew you were planning a trip to Disney.

    Your very nice internet stalkers MAY forgive you your sneakiness if you spill with all the wonderful details of your trip. C’mon! Tell us! Tell us!

  3. I read the title wrong and nearly fell off my chair. Good thing I re-read it (a couple of times actually unti it finally sunk in that you were NOT pregnant).

    Can’t wait to hear all about it. Espacially how the Little Miss was. I would like to know how soon we can bring the jelleybean!

    Welcome home!

  4. I worry about that too. It’s a hard call to make, I think. Whether to take the risk and blog about it, or not…

    And I too wanted to tell everyone about our trip, but I didn’t give out dates, just in case.

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