Let’s Shop At Etsy!

So! NaBloPoMo is really spanking me this year (that was for Bibliomama!). I’m so burnt out. November has been brutally busy and I have no creative energy left. Bleh.

Then I thought, hey, other bloggers have been doing Christmas wish lists…how about an Etsy wish list?

Ooooooh. Gooooood.

It’s probably too late to order anything from Etsy from the States, and expect it to be here in time. But if you like to gamble with customs and you’re willing to pay for expidited shipping, consider these goodies that are on my own personal favourites list.

First up, I think these bookmarks by Sharon Montrose would make a really nice stocking stuffer for any avid readers you know (like, say, Mrs. Carl Sagan):


Sweet Life Paper is my newest favourite Etsy shop. She makes customized pads and I bought one this year for each of my kids’ teachers. There are so many beautiful patterns I don’t know how you’ll ever choose, but I think I like this one the best:

pad of paper

My hair is wild and out of control at the moment, so I need a little clip to hold it back from my face. Wouldn’t a clip like this from Oh Faro be so much nicer at a Christmas party than a boring grey snap clip from the Superstore? I think so!


For my birthday last week, the kids gave me a new winter coat that is a lovely plum colour. Unfortunately, my old coat was brown, so my beige and orange hat and mitts don’t look so great with the new coat colour. I have fallen madly, uncontrollably in love with this scarf from Toggle UK and we are DESTINED to be together. Plus, scarves are cozy and cuddly and just scream Christmas, don’t they?


I’m always on the lookout for new jewelry — my current collection is very small and I’m looking for some more elegant, grown-up pieces these days. Unfortunately, many of my favourite Etsy sellers for jewelry have closed up their shops at the moment — must be because it’s craft fair season. In any case, I’m getting these in my stocking for sure — I won a gift certificate to Lillyella’s shop and used it a few weeks ago on these earrings.


And while we’re wishing for jewelry, I love the idea of this Mommy Necklace from MncMoon. It’d also make a great grandmother gift, don’t you think?

mommy necklace

Handbags are always a great choice for sisters, sisters-in-law, and nieces. Also, for me. I’m getting very close now to not having to drag around a diaper bag with me, and I have exactly one (1) purse to my name. Again, many of my favourite Etsy sellers for handbags have their shops closed right now, but here’s one from Bag Ladies in PA I actually bought for my older sister last year, and would gladly add to my own closet. (They also have many nice wristlets and pouches. Just saying.)


Lastly, those who know my Etsy wish list know I am totally obsessed with pincushions, and the best pincushion shop on Etsy is The Daily Pincushion. I have loved them for ages, and I finally bought one this year — for my mom. Sigh.


And those are just the Etsy things on my wish list. If only we were millionaires!

8 thoughts on “Let’s Shop At Etsy!

  1. SirMonkeyPants

    I do not like Etsy. I will not shop there. You cannot make me shop there with a wish list for Xmas. No no no!

    Oh, and while I’m being all negative and stuff .. I almost forgot to add “Bah humbug”.

  2. Thanks — I do appreciate the spanking :). And I do shop etsy. And window (screen) shop for hours. That scarf would look awesome with your coat. I haven’t even seen it — I just know.

  3. oh the note pad for the teachers is a great idea! Makes my gift cards look boring 🙂

    Thanks for dropping in last night. Next time we can chat for longer.

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