Giant Fundraiser Brain Burnout

Here’s a mystery. Sometimes we get Swiss Chalet take-out for dinner, you know, when we’re feeling very upscale and chi-chi. When we do, I order a quarter chicken dinner with rice on the side, while Gal Smiley orders a chicken-on-a-kaiser sandwich with rice on the side.

Whenever we get home, however, our rice side dishes are not the same.

My rice is always mushy and overcooked. The individual grains of rice are huge and bloated, and the overall taste and texture is unappealing.

Gal Smiley’s rice is always light and with perfectly divided grains. The grains are a bit on the hard side but for some reason, this makes them impossibly delicious.

Both Gal Smiley and I agree, her rice is good, my rice is not worth eating.

Fast food. It’s just so unfathomable.

4 thoughts on “Giant Fundraiser Brain Burnout

  1. betsy mae

    I only like Swiss Chalet from one location, near my parents. The one they used to order from many moons ago. Every location is different, and it doesn’t surprise me that rice is different (from the same location) too!

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