Must. Blog. About. Dance. Show.

It’s a compulsion. Someday Sam Raimi will make a horror movie about it.

So! Canadian Dance Show is over. I am happy with the winner, and liked the finale — lots of great numbers recreated.

But who really cares about the dancing? What I really care about is when LeeAnn introduced the top 10 number that had been choreographed by Mia Michaels. She mentioned that Mia could not be there, then said (in super-fake baby voice as only LeeAnn can), “Sorry you can’t be here, Mia, hope you’re ooookaaaaay…”

What did THAT mean? At first I feared that Mia dropped out of SYTYCD US because of some sort of health problem, and LeeAnn had some sort of insider info on that. Mia, near death with swine flu! You heard it here first.

But in retrospect, I think it probably meant that Mia was supposed to be there, and just didn’t show up, and didn’t call or anything. Based on what she said last week on SYTYCD America — that not much had been going right in her life lately — sounds like she just had a big flake out and threw her cell phone off the Brooklyn Bridge and then ran off to Hawaii.

Mia, I miss you already!

And speaking of Dance Show America, I love love love the show they put on last week, where they showcased the top 20 dancers in various sized teams doing their own styles. Such an awesome way to introduce us to all the dancers and give the whole top 20 more of a chance to relax into the show before competing. It’s brilliant, it was a great hour of dancing, and I definitely hope they keep the format and introduce to the Canadian version as well.

I still haven’t watched last night’s top 20 show yet, though, because I’m trapped in the house with three sick children — from the fevers and the coughing and the vomit, we are guessing it’s the FLU THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED. Oh Dance Show, if only the obsession you inspire could somehow be translated into a cure for the flu! We’d be better in five minutes.

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  1. Are you going to the tour show on Dec. 18th. My daughter and her friends already have their tickets. Have you been to any of the shows – are they worth it

    1. I’ve never been to one of the live shows — my understanding is that they do all the same dances from the show, so unless you’re sitting quite close, the viewing experience was better on TV.

      Okay, who am I kidding — it’s only because I know I’d scream and scream like a 13-year-old girl if I were there :).

  2. Ah, the perils of PVRs. Sometimes you miss key information…

    Mia wasn’t there because she suffered a “severe back injury”.

    More importantly though was the news the Mia has RESIGNED from the US show. Reasons weren’t given, but she said that this Canadian piece was about her time trying to make her decision.

    With Mia and Shane and Alex no longer choreographing for the US show, I’ll be less inspired to watch. If they lose Wayne and/or Tony, I may actually start missing shows!

  3. I was thinking of you while watching those group numbers where they all danced in their own style. Loooooved it! I even tweeted to you, but you didn’t respond (which I didn’t love).

    I missed the Canadian final so am off to Google.

    P.S. I nominated you for the Canadian Blog Awards Cause I do seriously think you’re that good. Love your blog and your writing.

  4. i didn’t even know that the US show started. where the heck was i? didn’t watch the Canadian one, so can’t comment on the winner. If Mia has resigned, then what’s the use of watching? very very too bad.

    hope the terribleness of the unmentionable illness doesn’t attack all family members. keep well.

    and i’m with amy, you are that good!

  5. I wonder what severe back injury meant too… odd. (I thought the piece was so-so…) I’ll miss Mia’s routine… dear god tell me that they won’t replace her with that Stacey woman from the Canadian show.

    But I did completely and totally love Wade’s opening number for the U.S. show. And I thought it was brilliant that they had everyone dance in their own style. I call dibs on Legacy as future boy toy material (Daniel who?)

    Honestly though, if they bring Paula Abdul on the show I may have to tune out… should be an interesting season.

  6. Oh I hope you guys are on the mend. I got both your messages and I hope you got my reply’s. I haven’t watched the finale show yet but I did find out who won, cause that was the most important thing for me. I plan on catching up this weekend.

    BTW the host name is Leah (not LeeAnne), and I can not stand her. UGH What will these shows be without Mia!!!

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