Far And Away

Sir Monkeypants is running another half marathon in Toronto on Sunday, and we’ve spontaneously decided to join him.

Welcome to our all-day packing party!

We’ll be gone until late Monday, so don’t panic if I’m quiet here. I’ll be back just in time for the Dance! Show! Finale!

Sigh. Canadian dance show just isn’t the same without Cat Deeley to say “fin-AWL-ee.”

Just a drive by dance show commentary — thank you to all Canadians who did not vote for Emanuel, I was starting to have panic attacks thinking he would win. Although I would like to see TJ or Everett take the crown, I’m now calling Vincent for the win, based on the screaming of young girls with nubile dialing fingers in the crowd.

See you Tuesday!

6 thoughts on “Far And Away

  1. Oh I really like Vincent but I so want TJ to win it! I am actually going to vote next week that way I can’t say I didn’t try to help her 🙂

  2. Oh fun!!! Have a great trip.

    I was so so so happy to see Emmanuel go home, whoever wins at this stage is fine with me.

    I fully expected to see Emmanuel take this so I’m still not sure who is going to take it. Vincent would be swell though.. 🙂

    Finawlee just in time, the U.S. show is about to announce their top 20.

  3. Have fun, drive carefully and good luck to Sir Monkeypants!! BTW, I just noticed the ‘only occassionally talking about poop’ below your blog title, caused me to laugh out loud…did you just add that or has it been there since the big change??

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