Walk it! Walk it! It’s walking.

Tomorrow, it starts. All that walking. All that getting out of the house. Eeep.

You see, we have given up on the school bus.

We’ve learned over these past two years that the school bus is quite a lawless environment. Despite the fact that Captain Jelly Belly and Gal Smiley rode the bus home in the middle of the day, when only kindergarten kids are on the bus, there’s been incidents of hitting, shoving, kissing, stealing, name calling, and of course, being suckered into eating gum from the bottom of the seat.

I had my own not-so-good bullying experiences riding the bus to my Senior Public School in grades 6, 7, and 8. I started to type them up here, but it was all very Dickensian and all, “Please, sir, may I have some more?” and “God bless us, everyone,” and I just couldn’t stand it, so I took it out.

So let’s just say that I don’t know of anyone who actually enjoyed riding the bus to school, shall we? I mean, who needs all that who-sits-with-who drama, all that engine-noise-disguised name calling, all that stress of the entire group getting kicked off the bus because some jackass at the back tries to sneak a smoke? No one, that’s who.

This year, the Captain would have had to ride home at the end of the day, with all grades up to Grade 8 kids, and we’d have to walk a ways to get to his bus stop — and that’s IF he managed to get a spot. In the meantime, Gal Smiley would have to ride the bus, which she absolutely despises, without the comfort of having the Captain or Princess Charming aboard. So for sure it would have been dark times. So that’s the end of the bus.

This means that, this year, Little Miss Sunshine and I will be bundling up and hiking over to the school twice a day — it’s about a 40 minute walk, round trip. First, I’ll have to convince Little Miss Sunshine to stop whatever she’s doing so we can walk over for for midday kindergarten pickup time. Then, it’s home again as quickly as possible — hissing to Gal Smiley the whole way that we are NOT stopping at the park — so the Little Miss can get a nap in. Once she’s up, it’s back into jackets and over to the school with the Gal and the Little Miss, where we’ll fight our way through the crowds to try to find the Captain. Then it’ll be a long, long, long walk home, during which I predict at least two major meltdowns from and over tired and over hungry Captain.

All that, and wrestling in and out of snowsuits each time in the winter months, is going to be SO. MUCH. FUN.

Where did summer go, again?

7 thoughts on “Walk it! Walk it! It’s walking.

  1. Oh man, that is going to be FUN! My son wants to be a walker so bad. But we live fairly far from our school and the idea of trucking an infant to get him in the winter just makes me wanna cry. So he will have to suffer on the bus until he is old enough to walk alone (and I predict he will walk twice and then go back to the bus) or we move closer to the school. He will be in high school before that happens…

    I probably will indulge him, on occasion, next spring when the weather is nicer, I am not completely heartless 🙂

  2. Good luck. I rode the bus to school every day in elementary school. Not fun. By high school I’d somehow convinced my father to drop me off (it was too far to walk) and I’d walk home.

    We drive The Boy in the morning. Private school. Can you drive them in the winter?

  3. oh man, you are a brave woman. are there any parents that you can share the task with? maybe have someone walk Gal smiley home? It would save you from having to disrupt Little Miss’ day.

    Good luck!

  4. Well I had a great time on the school bus, at least in elementary school (by grade 5 we all changed schools and could walk/bike to school). I think the key is a great bus driver. He’d let us turn around in our seats, sing, play, toss stuff, make faces out the back windows–all the things a school bus driver isn’t supposed to let you do. The fact that we were all friends helped, too.

    – RG>

  5. Abby doesn’t mind riding the bus, probably has something to do with her best friend riding it as well. Although our bus does assigned seating, meaning she has to sit with the same kid everyday… not her bff by the way, something she’s not thrilled about, but she doesn’t hate it either. Good thing because it’s a long long walk to the school from here.

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