Queen of the Road

Oy vey, I have so much to blog about, yet so little time. Guess that’s summer for you.

Tomorrow morning we are leaving on a five-day trip to southern Ontario to visit with my youngest sister, LittleSis, and her family. While there I’ll be going to my grandmother’s memorial service — not so fun, but it will bring some closure and it will be good to see my cousins. We’ll also be doing some fun stuff — hitting the Toronto Zoo and the beach for sure, and we hope to visit the Science Centre as well.

So as usual, I’ll be spending all day today doing the Packing Dance, a routine that I’m very familiar with now but still takes hours and hours and makes me into Crazy Mommy.

Heavens! I just realized I’ll be in Toronto for SYTYCD Wednesday and Thursday! LittleSis BETTER watch Dance Show or there is going to be a TV rumble.

Anyway, we’ll be back Sunday night with original and fun blogging content. I promise!

6 thoughts on “Queen of the Road

  1. Have fun visiting my neck of the woods. The Zoo just reopened the polar bear exhibit and we’ve been dying to go see it. Probably won’t find time till September, though.

    Happy travels!

  2. Have a great trip and I hope the weather is on an up swing. For at least three weeks (a littlletoo greedy?). We’re off on Saturday. Can’t wait.

    Drive safe.

  3. We watched last week’s episodes with LittleSis this weekend, so I can assure you she (and Harrison) will want to see the last 2 shows.

    I might not get a chance to watch them until next week since we’re booked solid until Friday and then off to Montreal, so if you post about it, watch you don’t put any spoilers in your title o/w my blog reader will spoil my fun.

    Hope your trip is great!

  4. I hope the memorial service was a fitting tribute and that you have fun in Toronto.

    I can’t stand Cat. But the doofus from MuchMusic is worse… aaaaack. Did I tell you we met Jean-Paul DesM. in Ottawa, he was giving a clinic for competitors at the dance studio, we used to go to.

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