And America’s Favourite Dancer Is…

Well, here we are, last week of Dance Show! I find I am not feeling my usual sad/excited mix that I usually feel when we get to finale week. I think this season has been pretty weak overall, and I just don’t care that much about the top 4. There’s no big personalities, great backstories, or even incredible, compelling dancing like last year. Seeing Twitch, Katee, Joshua, Chelsea, and Mark last Thursday, and their great routines (off the top of my head, I could easily name five or six others from last season alone that blew my mind) really highlighted how much this season has been lacking.

Remember Twitch’s interviews, and how you could just tell how much he wanted it? How he wasn’t afraid to say that he needed the win? This year, instead, we have a lot of really nice people who just smile a lot. And remember Joshua’s awesome back story, that made us fall in love with him? This year, all we hear is that Melissa is old, and Kayla has grandparents. Whoop-de-doo.

Last week’s show was weak all over. Other than the top-three-guys number, I yawned my way through it. Even the highly praised Brandon and Kayla numbers were ho-hum to me — the contemporary was same-old same-old (plus, was I the only one who noticed that they missed a lift?), and the disco was a pale, awkward imitation of Brandon and Janette’s rockin’ number from a few weeks back.

So, I’m not exactly looking forward to this week’s show, but let’s handicap anyway, shall we?

1. Jeanine. Jeanine is the only dancer this season who has shown actual personality. She’s cute, klutzy, and has a nice smile. Even Sir Monkeypants, who does not watch this show, considers her his favourite (although him noticing her “great rack” probably had something to do with that). Anyway, I think she will win, and I hope she wins — not because she is the best dancer but because she’s way and by far my favourite personality.

2. Evan. Oh heavens, please save us from an Evan win. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE.

3. Brandon. Seems like America is waking up and noticing that Brandon is awesome. Also, although his “I have no self-esteem” schtick probably won’t help him in the real world of dance, it works on a game show, and he’s selling it well. I actually think he is the best dancer, so if he winds up winning, that’s okay with me.

4. Kayla. I know the judges love her, and she does impress me with her ability to get into character. She’s the only female dancer who I’d hold on a par with Katee from last year. Still, her general dopiness and lack of sparkle means America ain’t voting for her.

Lastly, here are some of the numbers I’d love to see in the finale on Thursday this week.

Jason and Jeanine — heart necklace dance, choreographed by Travis Wall
Brandon and Jeanine — battlefield jazz dance by Laurie Ann Gibson
Kayla and Kupono — addiction dance, choreographed by Mia Michaels
Kayla and Jason — broadway number with stool, by Tice Diorio
Jeanine and Philip — their first week hip-hop by Taboleon (because I must see the CHBEEB one last time)
Melissa and Ade — pink pants jazz routine by Sonya (or their Rhumba by Tony Meredith)
Evan and Randi — Derrierre routine by Mia Michaels (I’d also settle for their week one jazz by Tyce, or their week two jive by Louis Van Amstel)
Ashley and Kupono — crash test dummy routine by Wade Robson
Brandon and Janette — robbers routine by Wade Robson
Bradon and Janette — disco routine by Doriana Sanchez
Karla and Vitolio — quickstep (with the quick costume change) by Jean-Marc Genereaux (only because I LOVE Jean-Marc)

Many of the group dances were also fantastic. In particular I loved:
Top 18 – Higher Ground dance by Mia Michaels (that was the one with the spotlights shining out onto the audience and everyone in suits)
Top 16 – Hip-hop/latin combo dance by Dimitri and Taboleon (this was the one set in the moody cafe, where the girls danced on tables with water)
Top 8 – One by Mia Michaels (the one with the mirrors — I LOVED this, and I swear she only did it to show Tyce how a “broadway” routine really SHOULD be done — KICK ASS, Mia)
Top 6 – Send in the Clowns by Tyce Diorio (okay, okay, the ONE time I actually liked his stuff)

I’m so looking forward to SYTYCD Canada starting next week, only because we have exclusive access to Jean-Marc. I’ll be taking a blogging break, though, from dance analysis, unless there’s major demand.

Now imagine Mary screeching, and that’s a wrap.

3 thoughts on “And America’s Favourite Dancer Is…

  1. I agree that even though I have been enjoying the show this season I am not as crazy about it as I have been. And I often find myself in discussions that go something like “well that was okay but remember this dance from last year…”

    Even so I am glad that we get a two more seasons back to back (Canada then US again!) WOO HOO.

  2. In a bit of a hurry so I can’t give this as much thought as I’d like, but if there isn’t a limit to how many couple numbers one couple could redo on the finale, I’d also add in there Brandon and Janette’s tango. It really was one of the best ballroom routines ever performed on the show.

    As for the group numbers, I’d skip your last 2 and replace them with Wade Robson’s Asian-inspired routine to Janet Jackson. Very cool.

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