Aw, my first So You Think You Can Dance post of the season. I’m all misty-eyed!

Just two spoiler-free comments I feel compelled to make.

First, I hate it when the camera guys get all fancy with the cuts and the angles and whatnot, while I’m trying to watch dancing. Last night’s opening group number was horrible — I absolutely could not follow the action due to the many quick changes of camera angle. Here’s a close up! Here’s a fancy angle shot! Here’s a pan, a full shot, a close up, a pan, a shake!

Calm down, camera dudes. It was a Mia Michaels number, for heaven’s sake. Just point the camera at the stage on a tripod and let us enjoy the full effect.

Second, here is my million dollar idea of the week, free to any TV executives out there. Brothers Evan and Ryan Kasprzak should be given their own variety show, stat! And they should have The Other Brother in there, too.

It’ll be a half-hour program featuring original, entertaining dance numbers (choreographed by Ryan), some guest dancers, some musical guests, and some stupid family-friendly skits. The Other Brother can do whatever he does — poetry readings, magic tricks, juggling, science experiments. Plus, there must be an opening monologue where all three brothers come out and clown around and tell corny vaudevillian jokes.

You’re loving it already, aren’t you?

When I was a kid we used to watch Barbara Mandrell And The Mandrell Sisters, which was a similar variety program. I LOVED that show.

I think The Kasprzak Show could be even cooler.

Think it over, TV execs. You know you want it!

8 thoughts on “SYTYCD

  1. Due to the fact that Bell TV are complete idiots, I still have TV. Yeah! So I have been able to watch SYTYCD. Double Yeah! I have to say that I love your idea. I watched the Donny and Marie show when I was young. All those teeth!

    I love that they showed us the clip with Ryan. It’s such a tease for the next season. And I agree again about the camera messiness for the Mia Michaels piece. What an artist she is. I lvoe everything she does. I wish I could be a dancer….

  2. Aw, I haven’t managed to catch SYTYCD yet. I love it. And I’ve kinda missed hearing Mary scream. I knew I was hooked on the show when I suddenly realized I was finding her screams endearing instead of annoying.

    Will have to try and catch it next week…

  3. mel

    I totally agree about the distracting camera work. There were a few numbers where I thought “Just pull the camera back and stay still so we can see what’s going on!”
    And the variety show idea is great – I’d watch.

  4. Or during the numbers where they pan out and you miss something (for instance we didn’t see, (insert name) stumble at the end of her disco routine.

    My only comment is that it is really important to have a PVR so you can skip that Cat woman’s stupidity. (No really make my knees weak dancers though.)

  5. Nicola

    Lynn, you’re such a tease! It hasn’t started airing over here yet and I can’t find any info when it will. It’s usually wa-haaaaaay after your season is actually finished.

    But oh … love the lovely Mia Michaels. I secretly believe that if I met her, she would instantly recognize in me a kindred spirit and even though I’m not a dancer we’d be best friends and do each other’s hair and make up and stuff. 🙂

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