I’ve Been Tagged!

Jenuine over at The MacLean Family tagged me for a meme, in which I must list seven things that characterize me. I don’t think she means white gloves and mouse ears. Or does she?

No, upon double checking, she did say seven personality traits. Here goes.

I am a loud talker. My voice is inherited from my father, I’m afraid.

I’m a long-winded story-teller. Sir Monkeypants, bless him, has learned over the years to tune out for at least five minutes in the middle of every story, and then tune back in just for the ending. Maybe you all should apply this same rule to my blog posts.

I like orange. Orange is cool. Oranges, however, I could take or leave. I’m more of an apricots girl.

I like to read first novels. They’re the ones that the author slaved over for years, spending hours perfecting every sentence. They also often have a lot of autobiographical content and I find that to be so relatable.

I like to listen to second albums. Every band that makes it big with their first album goes on to create a second album that is full of songs about travelling, being on the road, feeling lonely away from family. Love those themes.

I love to sing. I sing all the time, constantly. When I had a full-time job, I used to always sing while coding without being really aware of it. Sad to say, I am NOT a good singer. Maybe this explains why my pod-mates always had headphones on. Also it explains why Little Miss Sunshine yells, “NO! NO! NO!” at me whenever I try to sing along with the radio.

I have no sense of humour. You think I’m joking. But seriously, I do not. I often have to have jokes explained to me. I cannot stand practical jokes of any nature. I am not easy going in the slightest when I feel like I or someone I love am being mocked. If this were a Jane Austen book, I’d be described as the “dour, plain older sister” of the heroine. Seriously!

And now to tag! I was just at a meet-up for Ottawa area women bloggers last night in the market. There were a few whose blogs I read, but several more who are new to my Google Reader. I’d love to get to know them better! So, I tag Spydergrrl, Chantal at Two Hands Full, Anneke at Mudpuddle, Lalawawa, and Barbara at Tales Of Life With A Girl On The Go.

6 thoughts on “I’ve Been Tagged!

  1. I agree on the first-novel thing. I read an article somewhere once about why sophomore books often slump–usually it’s because unlike the first novel, the author has a contract and a deadline. You’re totally right.

  2. Hilarious bit about LMS and the singing. 🙂

    But I wouldn’t say you have no sense of humour. You appreciate a witty remark, and there are some folks out there who can’t even say that!

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  4. I answered the call, maybe a day late and a dollar short. I’ve been remiss in my blog reading and I apologize. I’m sorry about your nana too.

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