Button Up!

Check out my pretty new Blog Out Loud button in my sidebar! I have zero Photoshop skills so it took me all day to make it. I KNOW. That’s some weak Photoshop.

But it turned out nicely, I think. And it’s orange, of course, because I hear that’s what the cool kids are liking these days.

Anyway, if you’re reading at BOLO or attending BOLO or just would like to help me promote it, then you can get your own button here.

Also, I’m still looking to book more readers! Don’t feel like your posts aren’t good enough for this sort of thing. All viewpoints are welcome! Long posts, short posts! Funny posts, serious posts! And if you’re interested in hearing your stuff read, but are nervous about getting up in front of a crowd, I have a few people who have volunteered to read for others, if needed.

So no more excuses, now! Don’t make me hunt you down.

4 thoughts on “Button Up!

  1. What are we doing about the photo bloggers? We were thinking it would be nice if they could display their work at Raw Sugar – even if just for that one night? I would love to see some of Robin’s and Olivia’s stuff (Watawa Life and Parvum Opus) for instance. And ya, I’m willing to read anybody’s stuff.

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