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I just read on EW’s site that Life, one of my favourite shows, has been officially cancelled. Apparently Reaper and Dollhouse are also on their way out the door. What the heck am I going to watch next year?

In other news, there’s a rumour going around that Entertainment Weekly itself is in trouble, and may eventually be folded into…I can barely say this without barfing a little…PEOPLE MAGAZINE. First of all, I will have to declare myself officially divorced from all things pop culture if I can’t read EW. Secondly, if they try to replace my prepaid subscription with a subscription to freakin’ PEOPLE MAGAZINE, I may have to do something drastic.

Like blog about it. You don’t want to mess with the power of MOMMY BLOGGERS, PEOPLE MAGAZINE.

6 thoughts on “Entertainment Update

  1. Reaper AND DollHouse? But I am so enjoying Doll House. And Reaper makes me laugh. Bummer.

    Have to agree with you on the People. Rise up Mommy bloggers!

  2. fame_throwa

    Geez, I can’t believe it! There really isn’t any other magazine that provides with EW provides, and it seems to be something the world really needs. I mean, there are folks like you that want to know about pop culture without the gossipy, tabloidy style of all of those “lesser” magazines.

    Is the problem lack of readership? If it’s a problem of poor management or something, maybe another magazine will pop up in its place.

    Let’s hope…

  3. smokingtoaster

    Yeah, I’m so bummed about TV these days. I’m watching Dollhouse (on Hulu.com), and while it’s not great, it’s good enough to kill some time on. I heard Reaper started out brilliantly. I’ve also heard good things about Life.

    I started watching this show on NBC called Kings that has gotten absolutely no press. In fact I started watching it almost because I was flipping by it and then went, “What the hell is this show I’ve never heard of?”. It stars Ian McShane and combines a biblical story with elements of Shakespeare. I think they’ve shown four or five episodes and then will burn off the rest of the 13 in the summer. I mean, someone spent a fortune to make this show, and it’s quite well done, but they unbelievably don’t want to spend any money promoting it. Obviously there’s some kind of internal politics going on here and it’s really annoying. Why start watching any new show on the major networks? Cable is much more loyal to their shows. If they paid for it, they promote the hell out of it, until you almost don’t want to watch their stations for fear of seeing yet another commercial for that new upcoming show.

  4. Is it sad that I only sorta know what these shows are about? I have no time to watch TV…but maybe if I stopped reading blogs…

  5. I don’t watch much TV but I kept meaning to PVR Reaper and never did.

    I’m all about Supernatural though… the last two episodes were a bit tepid though… I’m not holding out much hope for next season.

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