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21-month-old firecracker, female, looks for buddy to make mischief with. Must enjoy climbing things, touching sharp objects, breaking things, and devising plots to get at stuff that is supposedly “too high” for you to reach. Should also like milk, pretzels, bubbles, and going for long walks in the stroller. Ability to turn on the TV a plus.

4 1/2 year old tenderheart, female, seeks same for playdates that do not involve Star Wars. Must enjoy running games, gymnastics, being outside, and sucking your hand while cuddling your bear in front of the television. Ideal candidates will have several dolls to bring to the table and will enjoy changing their clothes an unlimited number of times. Knowing all the lyrics to the Toopy and Binoo theme song a plus.

Six-year-old Jedi-in-training, male, seeks video game aficionado of either sex. Must be able to set up the Nintendo and load the Star Wars game, help put on Darth Vader costumes, and discuss the merits of Jango Fett versus Boba Fett ad nauseum. Should enjoy eating bacon and grapes to the exclusion of all other foods, and should never, ever suggest going outside. Ability to separate small pieces of Lego a plus.

6 thoughts on “Personal Ads

  1. Ha! Great post Lynn!

    My 25-month-old would love to climb and break things with your little girl. However milk is out (dairy allergy) and are the pretzels (wheat allergy), so we’ll bring coconut flour muffins and green smoothies.

    I don’t have a doll-loving little girl – I have better. A REAL BABY. 4 months old and loves to smile and giggle at little girls.

    My soon-to-be-six-year-old (next month) sounds like an idea playmate for your little Jedi. We don’t have the Nintendo game, but the fact that YOU DO will make your son a hero in my son’s eyes. He would appreciate someone with whom to discuss the minute of differences between Clone Troopers and Storm Troopers, and is highly skilled at Lego sorting and building (his current response to “What do you want to do when you grow up?” is to be a Lego designer). He does, however, enjoy playing outside. Especially if we take the lightsabers out with us.

  2. Hey, you should start a kiddie matchmaking service. I’ll be lots of moms would sign their little ones up for blind playdates!

  3. I think Max and Little Miss would get along just fine. He can eat his weight in pretzels and basically pees milk he drinks so much of it! What does she think of bugs?

    And he is IN LOVE with Toopy and Binoo, so he’d be good with Gal too!

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