Turtlehead Skywalker

Last night I went to see the SCI! FI! SPECTACULAR! at the National Art Gallery. The NAC Orchestra played selections from sci-fi movies and TV shows, with some narration provided by George Takei (Sulu of Star Trek fame, last name pronounced tak-AY, not tak-EYE).

The event was AWESOME. Nothing could contain the awesomeness! Laser light show! Women in Star Trek uniforms! Light saber prizes to trivia contests! SULU!

I went with RheostaticsFan because she loves Star Trek, and we both had such a good time. The music was amazing and all the better for being completely recognizable. I’m not at all ashamed to say that I could hum along with the three Star Wars selections bar-for-bar. I practically could have joined the singers that they had on hand to add the choral bits to the Star Trek theme and Duel Of The Fates, which is the big lightsaber battle music from the end of The Phantom Menace.

At our house, we call Duel Of The Fates “The Jammies Song,” because Sir Monkeypants has created lyrics to it that go like this:

jammies, jammies, jammies, jammies
jammies, jammies, jammies, jammies
jammies! For bedtime!
jammies, jammies, jammies, jammies
jammies, jammies, jammies, jammies
jammies! For Captain Jelly Belly!

You get the idea.

The crowd was a fascinating mix of elderly people and really young people. RheostaticsFan and I were seriously the only middle-aged people there. Everyone else was either over 70, or under 18. Strange. In the bathroom at the intermission, I thought there might be a rumble. Several elderly ladies were unimpressed at the language on the younger kids, and one of them said, “I DO NOT APPROVE OF THE WORD SUCKS” as if it were a throw-down. Another of the older ladies was very, very unhappy with the line-up management and took it upon herself to lecture a bunch of the teens on exactly how they should be waiting for a toilet. I’m just happy no one took out any switchblades.

Anyway, the one thing that boosted the event from merely awesome all the way to SPECTACULAR was that I got to meet Darth Vader in the lobby:

Me and Darth, Just Chillin'

I got RheostaticsFan to take this shot with her Blackberry so I could prove to Captain Jelly Belly, when I got home, that I really had met Darth Vader. As expected he melted into a puddle of envy, poor kid. It didn’t occur to me until I was actually at the event how much he would have enjoyed it; I should have brought him. Next time, buddy, for sure.

This next shot is the first one RheostaticsFan ever took with her fancy techno-thingy, so it’s a little blurry, but I include it here because who wouldn’t want to see me chillin’ with the Fetts?

Adoptive Fett Daughter

The show is still on tonight and tomorrow…if you can get tickets, I highly recommend it.

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  1. When I heard that Sulu was going to be narating I was totally bummed that i couldn’t go. How exciting the event must have been. Weird about the demographics though. You’d think that the place would have been crawling with 30 and 40 somethings. Hmmm…

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