You Are Your Thread Colour

I grew up in a house with three sisters, and by the time we were all in our teens, that meant a lot of girly socks and underwear going through the wash. We all had the same brand names and the same colours and wore close-enough to the same sizes that it was practically impossible for my mom to sort the wash out after it came out of the dryer. Who’s was whose? Who could say?

So, my mother came up with this scheme in which she marked all new socks and underwear as it came into the house with a small stitch of coloured thread. SocialButterfly was red; I was light blue. FameThrowa was dark green; LittleSis was yellow. That way, she could fold the laundry and ensure that we weren’t doing any totally gross sharing of underpants. Ew.

I got used to having a small blue thread in all my socks and underwear, to the point where I hardly ever noticed it. Every time I’d take my shoes off at a friend’s house, though, they’d almost always ask, “What’s that weird thread doing on your socks?” I’d explain and they’d give me a funny look. I don’t know, though…I thought it made sense.

So just a month or so ago, I bought the Captain a bunch of new socks, because all his socks had holes in them. And then, out of nowhere, he grew like five centimetres and went up a shoe size, and none of those previously new socks fit anymore. Now he has all new socks, again, and they are exactly like the old socks, only one size larger.

I’d like to use the old/new socks for Gal Smiley, because they are perfectly good socks, and they are nice neutral colours like grey and navy blue, and she needs new socks, too.

But I’m afraid to put them in her drawer because I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart from the Captain’s socks in the wash. This was so not a problem when they all wore socks with the size imprinted right on the bottom of the sock in little non-slip lettering, but they’ve moved on to big-kid socks now, and they’re too much alike to tell them apart.

So this morning…I have taken out of my sewing bin a spool of bright yellow thread, Gal Smiley’s favourite colour.

And those old/new socks, I’m afraid, are going to get the Nanny Turtlehead treatment.

Welcome to the family, socks!

4 thoughts on “You Are Your Thread Colour

  1. That is a great way to figure out whose socks are whose! I hae a 3 and a half year old boy and an almost 15 month old, and their socks always get mixed up and I have to sit there and read what age it says on the bottom… your idea (or your moms) is brilliant!

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