I believe I may have created a new meme

Five Jobs I Would Really Suck At:

1. Cab driver/race car driver/bus driver/anything involving driving
2. Chef
3. Professional athlete, any sport
4. Economist
5. Exterminator

Five Jobs I Would Have Been Really Good At, But That Ship Has Sailed:

1. Governor-General Of Canada
2. Doctor
3. Columnist for Entertainment Weekly
4. Host of Jeopardy!
5. CBC Radio Producer

Five Jobs I Would Maybe Enjoy That May Still Come To Pass:

1. Technical Writer
2. High School Teacher
3. Freelance Writer for Parent Magazines and Websites
4. Bookstore Owner
5. President of the PTA

7 thoughts on “I believe I may have created a new meme

  1. xyx2

    Could I work in your bookstore too? I’ve always thought that would be a job I’d enjoy 🙂

    In real life, I’m a technical writer so if you have any questions about it, let me know!

  2. XUP — Are you a trivia fan? You should think about coming out for World Trivia Night next year! I could use your mad skillz.

    Mel — You’re in. You can be the assistant manager! As for technical writing, I’ll definitely ask you about it when the time comes. I’m a software designer by trade so I’ve done a fair bit of documentation and manual-writing in the past — I think I just need to figure out how to break into the industry. I never really enjoyed programming that much and I think I would like the writing side of things a little bit better.

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