So I finally broke down and had my haircut. After my last post on the subject, I had decided to splurge on the really expensive kind. But the two good recommendations I had were for places that were a half hour drive away or more, and I’ve been so busy these past two weeks I just couldn’t find the time to get over there. Yesterday, the boys were getting haircuts here — Sir Monkeypants cuts his own hair and the Captain’s with clippers — and I offered to take Gal Smiley over to the First Choice to have her own hair trimmed too, because she loves it there. Clearly a spa woman of the future.

Gal Smiley really wanted me to get my hair cut too, so I thought, what the hell, let’s give the First Choice a try.

Here are some things I liked about the First Choice:

It only cost $15.

I didn’t have to have an appointment — I could just pop over when I had the time. (It did mean we had to wait about an hour for our turn in the chair…but sad to say, I’ve waited that long at other salons when I HAD AN APPOINTMENT.)

The hairstylist was very young, but as a result used some more modern cutting methods and had some more modern ideas.

They didn’t put any gel or mousse or other crap in my hair (I hate that), and they didn’t blow dry it either (I hate that even more).

Did I mention it was only $15?

Here are some things I did not like about the First Choice:

My haircut.

Sad to say, despite the convenience and the low price, I don’t really like my head at the moment. And I know, I know, I always feel that way after a cut, but this time it’s not just that it’s new and different, it’s that I really don’t think it’s a good cut. The girl cut it in a really strange way — by sort of rubbing at chunks of hair with just one blade of her scissors. I think it was supposed to mimic the razor-cut technique that I’ve seen Nick using on What Not To Wear, but her version was much more rough and ragged — it reminded me of that scene in The Outsiders when Johnny and Ponyboy are on the lam and Johnny hacks off Ponyboy’s hair with a switchblade. The end result isn’t so much “textured” as it is “looks like I cut it myself, while blindfolded.”

Actually, come to think of it, I maybe could have done a better job by myself. As it is I’ve already removed a few more problematic chucks myself.

My hairstylist also completely ignored all my requests, although that’s maybe not such a bad thing, since I am not such a great Inventor Of Hairstyles. Still, it’s much, much shorter than I asked for, and my bangs are shorter than they have been in about 18 years, and I don’t like that. I mean, I showed her a photo I found in a book there of what I wanted, because a picture is worth a thousand words and all that, so I thought I’d at least made my wants and needs clear…but the finished result looks nothing like the picture. AT ALL. I kind of got the impression that she has one kind of “mom cut” and I got the “mom cut” and that was my only choice.

So overall…I won’t be going back.

The worst part is that I usually let my hair grow out at this point for the next six to eight months, and my old stylist gave me such a classic, even cut that it could grow out indefinitely and always looked balanced and sharp and great. This one, I can tell, will need to be touched up by professional hands inside of six weeks or so. Sigh.

Gal Smiley looks cute, though. I should have ordered the same as her.

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  1. First Choice… it can be a pain in the back sometimes! it looks like this place is the first place of choice for some newcommers with a lack of language… That combined with my own lack of vocabulary ends up in some messes in my head that can be part of a blog itself…

    Thank god I can always ask for a correction be made with a number 0 razor and that’s it!

    First choice can be a problem… but it’s only 15 bucks!!!

  2. Now why do you ask us for advice if you’re not going to take it?? Did anyone here say “Oh ya! Go to First Choice”. No, they did not. I distinctly remember saying “NO, do NOT go to First Choice.” This is where they send kids fresh out of hair chopping school who couldn’t get into a real salon to do their practical hours. Dear oh dear. Now you have to wait until it grows out before you can go get a real hair cut. And I would never wait in a salon where you had an appointment for more than 15 minutes. And you don’t have to drive miles and miles. Find a classy salon with master hairstylists and pay them what they’re worth. When you look at that $80 relatively — people spend that on a dinner out or maybe a couple of bottles of nice wine or maybe a few days worth of groceries. It’s your hair. It’s worth it.

  3. I’m getting mine chopped off on Saturday… Can’t fracking wait! When my regular stylist finishes her maternity leave, you should TOTALLY check her out. Her cuts are great and decently priced because she works from home.

  4. Guillermo — So nice to hear from you! I find that First Choice does a very nice job on boys and men, so don’t feel bad if you like it there. My husband and my son used to go there and always looked great afterwards — I’m sure they’d still be going there but my husband learned how to do it at home instead.

    Mary Lynn – I can tell you that after two days it’s a crazy, crazy mess! I don’t know what to do with wild, uneven, sticking-out hair that doesn’t fit into a ponytail anymore. Thank GOD it is hat season.

    XUP — I know, I know, I should have listened to you all! I almost backed out once I was there and seeing the cutting in action, but Gal Smiley was so excited that we were both getting cuts so I just couldn’t disappoint her. I thought, it was only hair, it would grow back, how bad could it be? LITTLE DID I KNOW. You are wise. I will heed you next time.

    Hella Stella — I’d love the name of your stylist. I’m looking for recommendations, obviously!

  5. rheostaticsfan

    Actually I have a recommendation for you. One time in line at Spahara I saw someone with fabulous hair so I asked them who did it. I took the name then shortly thereafter discovered that a friend who has fabulous hair used her. And then I recommended her (still without going to see her mind you) to my sister in law who loved her and recommended her to my mother in law and my second sister in law. Who now all have very good haircuts. And quite different from each other I might add.

    I’ve decided to finally go see her myself. Being in Bells Corners she’s pretty convenient. I don’t know her prices but I imagine she’s in the $40-$60 range.

    Veigh. (rhymes with Leigh).

  6. RheostaticsFan — AWESOME. Thank you so much. I will definitely try her — I’ve had other really good recommendations but so far they are all downtownish, and it’s just really hard for me to get there and back without setting aside an entire afternoon for the trip. Bell’s Corners is nice and close and she sounds wonderful!

    Now I just have to wait about six months for my hair to grow back out. Blech.

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