Okay, even I am getting tired of talking about Etsy now, and I didn’t think that was possible. This is my last shopping venture over there, I promise.

Today I just wanted to highlight a couple of cute shops that sell kids’ stuff. In general I find shopping for kids on Etsy to be very expensive — although everything is beautiful and well made, why pay $50 for a dress on Etsy when I can get one that will be more comfortable and more washable at Old Navy for $12? However, I do have a couple of shops that sell things that I think are worthwhile.

For Gal Smiley’s birthday this year, she got a couple of things from costume shop Her Flying Horses:

Her Flying Horses

There’s lots of costume places on Etsy but most of them are very pricey, and you can buy stuff that your kids will like just as much (and tear and stain just as easily) at Toys R Us. Her Flying Horses’ prices aren’t too bad, though, and I thought the two capes I bought from her (this red one above, and a green superhero cape) were really worth it.

And okay, if you’re a grandparent who is looking to really spoil their granddaughter, then you simply must have one of these beautiful (but a little expensive) tutus from Danbury Lane:

Danbury Lane

Little Miss Sunshine has very problematic hair, so I’m always looking for something to keep her hair out of her eyes. We have some clips from Love2Sparkle:


And I also have some clips from Plum Daisy:

Plum Daisy

Both make pretty, high quality clips that really stay in the Little Miss’ hair. Unfortunately she is a very persistant person, and there’s nothing she likes better than to pull the clip out of her hair and try to eat it. She says the Love2Sparkle ones are particularly tasty.

My kids are really, really into stickers and although I don’t like to spend a lot of money on something that they are going to go through in 30 seconds, some homemade stickers on Etsy are too cute to resist. I especially like BrambleberryLane:

Brambleberry Lane

You can get some fun kids’ jewelry online too — perfect for birthday parties for your eight year old girl. Sweet Surprises has lots of fun little things:

Sweet Surprises

And I think these little doll necklaces from Little Pink Posies are so cute:

Little Pink Posies

You can get the little girl painted in pretty much any combination of hair, eye, skin, and dress colour.

There are a few sellers on Etsy making jumbo mixed crayons. You can make these at home yourself, but they are messy and finicky, and if you need a bunch — say, as stocking stuffers — why not just save the hassle and order some? My personal favourite for shapes and colours is Butterfly Brain:

Butterfly Brain

When we travel, my kids like to colour and do stickers in the car. I’m thinking of getting them these lovely art totes by Bells and Whistles:

Bells and Whistles

If you have a teenager on your list, he’ll probably find the Timid Monsters at TrishCzech‘s shop to be most hilarious:


It’s not just the tiny little monsters themselves that crack me up. Each monster also comes with a hilarious personality description card. For example: “Jameson enjoys most everything about his life: the fullness, the vividness, the endless night terrors and ensuing bouts of paranoia. Despite the resulting lack of sleep, Jameson is a tough little Monster, only truly being afraid of Pauly Shore movies.”

Lastly, Captain Jelly Belly would never forgive me if I didn’t mention homemade doll maker Girl Called Ric:

Girl Called Ric

I’d buy the Yoda for the Captain but it’s way expensive and also, he and I would just fight over it all the time. If you’re not a Star Wars fan, she also has simply adorable dolls of Harry Potter, Mr T, Superman, and Frida Kahlo.

Whew! I’m all shopped out. Time for a hot chocolate!

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