A Girl’s Best Friend

Time for another Etsy shopping installment! Today, we’ll be talking jewelry.

There are literally thousands of jewelry sellers on Etsy — it’s their bread and butter. Everyone has their own taste when it comes to jewelry, so it’s kind of hard to buy for someone else. Of course, that totally didn’t stop me from shopping away for most of the women on my gift list.

My 16-year-old niece is getting a bracelet from Cool Jewelry Jr:

Cool Jewelry Jr

Even though this is a “junior” shop, the bracelet I ordered was big enough to fit me. It was pretty hard to wrap it up, let me tell you.

Mrs. Carl Sagan and I both have a few pieces from The Pebble Collection:

The Pebble Collection

The Pebble Collection

I have one of those cluster rings in purple — the kids call it my “grapes” ring — and I wear it all the time. She has regular sales, so if you like her stuff, be sure to sign up for her mailing list so you can get all the discount info.

Since I’m really into rings, I also really like Mu-yin Jewelry:

Mu-yin Jewelry

Very simple, classic stuff with multi-coloured pearls, and it’s not too expensive either. She also has some sort of sale on until December, so if you want to order something and combine it with mine (to save on shipping), just let me know.

Lately I’ve gotten interested in Fiona Chapman:

Fiona Chapman

A lot of sellers on Etsy are doing the same sort of thing, but I find her stuff to be really original and unique. A little more pricey, but worth it for the statement.

I also really love Imogene And Annie:

Imogene and Annie

I’ve almost bought that tree necklace for myself about a hundred times, but then I talk myself out of it. Someday though, it shall be mine! If it’s not yours, first.

Lastly, there are at least 100 sellers on Etsy who make scrabble tiles — scrabble pieces with a decoupage print of some sort on the non-letter side. They’re cheap and you can get one with any kind of picture on it — someone on your list likes fish? hearts? skulls? There’s a scrabble tile for everyone! One seller I like (because they come with a nice chain) is Home Studio:

Home Studio

Or, there’s Bitty Block, which dresses up their tiles a wee bit by adding a bead:

Bitty Block

I’d recommend ordering a bunch in bulk and adding one to every gal’s gift on your list. And be sure to keep one for yourself!

3 thoughts on “A Girl’s Best Friend

  1. I like the ring with the round blue thing in it. Are you on commission or do you get a regular salary? Ha ha. But seriously, I’ll bet Etsy can’t buy the sort of publicity it gets from bloggers talking amongst themselves

  2. A and J — I know. I love it. I want it. Sigh.

    XUP — that blue thingy is a pearl — so pretty, eh? I do think I should maybe get a job promoting Etsy. I’d be good at it :).

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