Year-End Meme

I’ve actually done this meme for the past two years out of curiousity, but I haven’t posted the results, because the list usually includes twelve identical sentences along the lines of, “I saw this cool thing on TV last night.” Sigh. Since I did not wish to highlight to the world how dull and brainless I have become, I kept the meme to myself.

But this year, I did better! And I will not admit, no, not even if you threaten to take away the Peppermint Bark that is my own personal crack, that I thought about this meme all year and made a conscious effort to make the first post of each month meaningful and interesting. No, I did not! Look over there! Brangelina!

Anyway, here you go, first lines of the first post of each month of 2007.

January: Introducing…George Foreman Jatania III, due on or about July 10, 2007.

February: We just got word yesterday that registration at our local school for junior kindergarten is the week after next.

March: This week we will be a TV Ratings Family for Canada.

April: I have a really bad habit of getting obsessed with one particular breakfast cereal, and eating it every day for weeks, and then dumping it like a boyfriend who still lives with his mother.

May: Yesterday morning I woke up with major stomach cramps and nausea.

June: Sir Monkeypants just left for an unexpected trip to Toronto for the weekend.

July: Now that we’re in the home stretch, so to speak, I thought I’d just share the news that there’s no baby yet.

August: The Wee One just finished her three week growth spurt and I’m amazed at how much she has grown.

September: One of the most interesting things about babies, I think, is that their line between awake and asleep is really blurry.

October: I’m going to have a t-shirt made for the Wee One that says, “I’d rather be nursing.”

November: Today, Sir Monkeypants goes back to work.

December: One thing I didn’t get around to posting about in November was that a few other NaBloPoMo posters, including its founder Mrs. Kennedy, were blogging on a theme of shoes.

Huh. Actually, not as gripping reading as I expected. Goddamn writers’ strike.

3 thoughts on “Year-End Meme

  1. capnplanet

    Cool – like a little window into your year. I thought about doing this for myself, but immediately thought “yeah, but I post so infrequently, most of the entries would be empty”. Turns out I was wrong; only May is missing. Here’s my list. (And since I didn’t even know of the meme, completely unadulterated).

    January: Every once in a while I entertain the thought of starting a blog where I simply document all of the crappy stuff I seem to buy which either doesn’t work properly or works for a short while and then breaks.

    February: One of the funniest diversions I’ve found on the web recently is the Best of Craigslist.

    March: Sometimes if I get bored while riding my bike, I amuse myself by doing a Fermi calculation.

    April: (Is it just me…) … or is LJ just mind-numbingly, bone-crushingly slow these days?

    June: Check out The 30-Second Bunnies Theatre Library

    July: A few years ago, I blogged that my dream job would be to work at Google.

    August: This really made me laugh — it’s Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven, compressed to its essence in the form of a limerick:

    September: So, I started my new job at Google last week.

    October: Calling IKEA the other day to check if something is in stock, I had a conversation something like the following:

    November: I’ve been aware of greasemonkey for some time now, but never really paid too much attention until this week.

    December: Back in the Sidekick days, barky_shark would occasionally write about celebrity sightings in NYC.

    Observations: I’m quite the whiner (but I knew that), quite the geek (ditto), and I have my own share of ‘check out this thing I found on the web’ (web being my obsession corresponding to your TV obsession). I’m also disappointed that none of my first-of-the-month posts involve Mr Excitement, but that appears to be just a coincidence.

  2. turtle_head

    You should definitely post this to your main blog. It’s an excellent capturing of your year (except, as you point out, missing Mr. Excitement!), and also a really good illustration of your personality.

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