After The Feast

We gave the Wee One her first taste of cereal this morning. She’s been dying for food since she turned 4 months old, and lately she’s been getting pretty pissed off about it. At mealtimes she’ll sit and watch us with her mouth gaping open, imitating us chew, and whining when she finds there’s nothing in her own mouth. One time at the Swiss Chalet I gave her a carrot to chew on, and she hunched over that thing like Gollum over his ring…my precious! She dropped it a couple of times and screamed like the house was on fire. When she was finally so covered in saliva that I had to take it away from her, we had to beat a hasty retreat from the restaurant, because everyone was staring at us and our hysterical baby whose food we had just taken away, like the terrible neglectful parents that we are. Bad parents!

Since she turned five months old she’s really stepped up the nursing, and now I’m feeding her at least four times a night (I know, I know, very bad according to the sleep book and I really should knock it off), and almost every hour while she’s awake during the day. I’m exhausted and she’s frustrated so even though we’re supposed to be waiting until she’s six months old, we said, close enough, and broke down.

I had a box of rice cereal on hand because it was going to be Santa’s Christmas Gift To The Wee One (now he is going to bring her a nice jar of sweet potatoes instead). I mixed up about a teaspoon and sat her in her chair.

Let’s compare reactions over the years, shall we?

Captain Jelly Belly: What is this crap? You want me to eat this? As if!

Gal Smiley: Meh. Whatever.


Needless to say she was pretty happy. She grabbed the spoon every time it came at her and held on for dear life, licking it until everything was gone, as if she would never be granted food again. I had to get a second spoon out, because the only way she’d let go of the first one was if she saw another full spoon coming at her. It was a pretty smashing success.

After the feast I cleaned her up and got her ready for her nap. She lay in bed for almost half an hour cooing and squealing in obvious joy and delight before falling into a peaceful sleep. We’re so happy she’s happy!

2 thoughts on “After The Feast

  1. capnplanet

    Great story. Stories like this always make me wonder how we become who we are — same parents, but such different personalities. Was she born this way, or was it seeing her older siblings eating real food? We may never know.

  2. turtle_head

    I know! I think about this all the time. Captain Jelly Belly and Gal Smiley literally could not be more dissimilar. How is it possible that we produced two such different kids? It’s early to say about the Wee One, but she seems like she’s a completely different third option, which I thought couldn’t possibly exist. So strange!

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