Fiona Apple

I’ve never been a Fiona Apple fan — I didn’t like her hit from a few years back, Criminal, and I really really didn’t like the accompanying video, which showed her crawling around in her underwear as if she were Christina Aguliera. I’ve seen extensive media coverage of her last album, which was reportedly shelved by Epic, but which she now says was not released by her own request, as she was unhappy with the arrangements. Now the album has been rerecorded with a new producer and released to the public. Since the original version was “leaked” to the internet a couple of years ago, real fans can compare the two and see which one they prefer — a nice bit of publicity that keeps her in the news.

While out driving today I was listening to the CBC and they have a new show on in the mornings called The Hit List. Four panelists discuss songs (from any time) that they think should be added to this week’s playlist on CBC 2. Listeners can then vote on their selections, and the top vote getters will be added to the playlist, with four older songs dropped off. One of today’s selections was the title track from Fiona’s new album, Extraordinary Machine. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. I instantly loved it — gorgeous song with beautiful vocals. Apparently they were talking about it on the show this morning because it isn’t getting many votes and probably won’t make the list — in fact, the host read several e-mails that talked about how horrible it was.

But consider me a convert! I’m actually thinking of getting her album…I never thought I’d see the day!