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I totally forgot to mention in my joy post a couple of days ago the thing that is bringing me the MOST joy, and that is my laundry room light switch.

The laundry room is actually a very tiny laundry/mud room combination that opens to the outside, and the house, and the garage, and has no windows. It’s where we keep all the coats and shoes, as well as the washer and dryer, and it’s the place you go whenever you have recycling or garbage to chuck out.

So between the five of us, we go in there probably a few dozen times a day, and so the light switch takes a beating (although Sir Monkeypants would like it if it got used to turn the light OFF a little more often).

After 16 years of living in this house it has died a slow death, and a couple of months ago it just completely gave up and refused to turn off. It’s a weird three-way switch because of all the entrances, so we were able to turn the light off using one of the outdoor switches but that made it dark in there all the time, which was annoying and inconvenient.

And then Sir Monkeypants fixed it! We are not handy people but he watched some YouTube videos about three-way switches, and two trips to Home Depot and a whole Saturday later, we have a new, functional switch!

Every time I go in the laundry room now, which is several times a day, I feel a little PING of joy just from turning on the switch and having it work.

It’s so fascinating to me how such a small thing can be so huge, and how such a minor inconvenience resolved can feel so incredibly satisfying. It’s like a Christmas miracle!

3 thoughts on “More Joy

  1. Mark Davis

    I can totally identify with this. And in fact I think many people greatly discount the frustration factor of large numbers of small annoyances. It’s death by a thousand cuts, in a sense. It probably depends a lot on your personality type though – some people are more sensitive to this sort of thing than others, I think. But I definitely am on the more sensitive side.

  2. SO with you on this. We just painted the entrance and hallway on the main floor, and I have always regretted the colours we painted them twenty years ago, so that is a BIG change. But before that, Matt changed out the light fixtures in that same area, which we have also always disliked but it didn’t seem important enough to do the work to change them. BUT IT WAS.

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