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I have been doing even more cooking than I usually do during the lockdown, not because I enjoy cooking in any way, but because we are now five people who are home all the time who want to eat on a fairly regular basis.

Before the virus, we used to get takeout about once a week, but to tell the truth we were already getting pretty bored of it, anyway. Since two of my kids have food allergies, our takeout options are extremely limited. Gal Smiley, for example, could only have ONE thing – a particular Subway sandwich on panini bread – and you can image that having that same sandwich every single week can get tiring and really take the shine off of “whoo hoo takeout night!” for her. The Captain is able to have like, three different things (OMG THE SELECTION) but since we were tied to Subway, takeout night usually meant at least two different stops and an epic journey that meant that everyone’s fries were stone cold and limp by the time we got home.

So getting takeout was already fading in terms of popularity, and with the shutdown, we just eliminated it altogether and went 100% cook at home.

I’m someone who can eat very bland food and enjoy that, and eat the same thing every day and enjoy that as well, but unfortunately for me, some members of my family value both taste and variety (SIGH). So lately I have been trying to find some interesting new recipes to try.

And this leads me to my major pet peeve of this week: recipe blogs.

Why is it that every single recipe site:

a) has to have several long paragraphs of text before getting to the point, describing their entire taste and experiment journey, and discussing the entire history of this kind of food;

b) has to load about 1000 ads, both inline and in the sidebars and all over the place, causing the text to shift around repeatedly as I’m trying to read it;

c) bring up a giant pop-up in my face asking me if I want to SUBSCRIBE and if not, do I want PUSH NOTIFICATIONS, and AM I REALLY SURE that isn’t want I came here for in the first place; and

d) when they finally, FINALLY, actually post the recipe at the very very very end of the post, make it a complicated treasure hunt to find the magic button that will make it printable.

It is especially annoying to try to call up a “quick recipe” on your phone, where everything is so compacted that you have to scroll for about 100 hours to reach the actual recipe which is probably unreadable on mobile screens, anyway.

So I vow that one day, I will have a recipe blog of all my favourite go-to receipes, and it will NOT contain any jibber jabber life story adventures, and it will NOT contain ANY advertising or any pop-ups in any way. No, it will be hey, you want a recipe for vegan cheese buns? HERE IT IS. And here’s a button for printing it. HAVE AT IT.

I was so incensed thinking about this earlier this week, after trying to search up several different recipes on my phone and having the same extremely poor user experience, that I remembered another of my favourite pet peeves, and that is the lack of good greeting cards in the world. Sometimes you want to send a greeting card because it is a small gesture you can make to people who you don’t know well or don’t like all that much, but social rules dictate you should at least acknowledge them on their birthday/anniversary/parental day. I vowed many years ago to make a line of neutral/low emotion greeting cards that will gently wish the person a good day and overall positivity, without having to gush on and on, through bad poetry, about how very very much this person has affected your whole life and impacted the world and made everything so much better. It’s a greeting card, for heaven’s sake, not an autobiography. It’s been a while since I made that vow so I better start getting around to acting on it.

Sometimes I feel like I have to do EVERYTHING to have it done right. I mean, really.

7 thoughts on “Recent Pet Peeves

  1. Jacquelyn

    Lynn, I have so enjoyed your writings through all of this; they’ve been so much fun, and spot on. Thank you.

    Whomever decided that its a great advertising feature to have a pop up video load OF A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT recipe than the recipe you are currently trying to look at, is an IDIOT. So frustrating. If you are in a hurry, has blessedly little preamble to the recipes, reliable star ratings, and no pop-ups. You’re welcome 🙂

  2. “I vowed many years ago to make a line of neutral/low emotion greeting cards that will gently wish the person a good day and overall positivity, without having to gush on and on, through bad poetry, about how very very much this person has affected your whole life and impacted the world and made everything so much better.” For the love of everything, PLEASE make this happen! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve stood in the card aisle looking for that very thing.

    I can also relate to the cook/baking blog peeves. Maybe youtube would be a better option?

  3. With you on both of these! Greeting cards – check out Jacquie Lawson – from the UK I think. Lovely little e-cards, animated, for a variety of situations. Really adorable. As for the recipes, I think the blah blah blah is because you can’t trademark or copyright or whatever recipes and so people try to make their sites unique with the stories and such. There are some sites that have a “jump to recipe” button at the top, which I really like and make use of, and I do still print off my recipes so I don’t have to surf to that page ever again because they are so annoying!!! Hope you find some better recipe sites!

  4. nicoleboyhouse

    I have also complained about those food blogs, but then a food blogger told me that is the only way to make any money at all, to have a lot of prose prior to the recipe so that advertisers could have spaces to advertise. And, I guess, we all have the right to make money so I haven’t complained since then. Although I do hate the popups and “subscribe” things, so. My fave recipe blogs are the ones that have a “jump to the recipe” link.

    I didn’t realize your daughter also had so many allergies! I knew your son did. That really sucks, I’m sorry. We don’t eat out much at all (ever) but it’s more because of being lazy.

  5. You landed on two of my “pet” pet peeves. There are six adults in our house during this pandemic, so I’m doing WAY more cooking than I like. I would love to just grab a bowl of cereal for dinner sometimes, you know? So, I’ve been on recipe sites way more than usual too, and, yes, they drive me bonkers.
    Any time I’m at a card store, I go to the blank card section and load up. That way, I can say what I want.

  6. Shan

    YES! To all of this! The recipe thing is so annoying. Maya has started a binder of tried and trues, because she can’t stand the websites either.

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