Now is not the time to get sick, or cranky

Last week I broke a tooth by biting down on something hard. I felt it the minute I did it – there was a literal “CRACK” sound and instant pain. Since then I haven’t been able to bite down on that side so I’ve been eating only soft foods and things cut into very very tiny pieces.

Here in Ottawa there is one emergency dentist that has been allowed to remain open, and I called them and we went back and forth, and my own dentist got involved too, and eventually they all decided that a) the tooth cannot be saved because the break appears to be above the gum line, and b) it qualifies for emergency treatment. So I’ll be having it extracted next week as a small dental surgery.

It’s really not a good time to be sick, is it? As far as things go, this is not too serious and I don’t even have to go to a hospital or anything. But finding care was hard, because of the shutdown; and there is worry about exposure, both for me and for the staff that is going to help me out. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have something more serious, like cancer, that would require extensive medical care at this time; or something serious but deemed “optional,” like the need for a hip replacement, which has perhaps been indefinitely postponed; or something emergent, like a food allergy exposure, that would require you to rush to emergency and hope someone is there who can help you, which trust me, I am praying does not happen any time in the next few months to one of our allergy kids or my allergy husband.

Anyway, my sympathy is with anyone who requires emergent medical care at this time, because it’s one more thing on top of everything else to cause severe stress and fear, and that is not a happy thing.

Speaking of not being happy, over here at our house we are in a bit of a cranky downswing, where everyone is kind of tired of everyone else and craving some alone time and space. Actually, perhaps that is just the adults, as our kids are getting along fairly well – almost too well, as lately, by the evening hours, they have devolved into near-hysteria levels of humour. It’s kid of weird, they will get on a roll where EVERYTHING is hilarious, like they are drunk, and if we try to watch TV or a movie or something, they must snark-watch it like they are on Mystery Science Theatre 3000, causing more intense fits of hysterical laughter, which is annoying to some. Rather like being the lone sober person at a party full of stupid drunks.

It’s nice that they are having fun with each other. And I’m grateful I will soon be getting some medical care. So let us focus on the positive, and perhaps make some cookies today, and try not to be cranky. At least I will.

6 thoughts on “Now is not the time to get sick, or cranky

  1. Take care – I hope it all goes well and smoothly! I have been NAGGING my teens to brush their teeth because if they get a cavity or something goes wrong, we can’t get them to a dentist. I mean, you would think by the time kids are teens, they would have already developed a pretty robust tooth-brushing habit, but that’s a rant for another time….

  2. bibliomama2

    I have had a couple of tooth issues over the past year and I find myself being very careful eating about eighty percent of the time, and then resigning myself to the fact that at some point I’m going to get lax and something ugly is going to happen. I’m so glad you can get treatment. And I’m glad the kids are getting along, even if it’s annoying (hilarious description) because I think the converse would still be worse.

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