Not Cool

Yesterday, on our daily lunchtime walk, with Gal Smiley, a yellow mustang with black stripes drove past us, late 90s model.

Gal Smiley: I love that car. It’s so gorgeous.

Me: Did you know that I almost bought one just like it when I graduated from university?

Gal Smiley: REALLY? Why didn’t you?? You would be SO MUCH COOLER if only you had ever owned something like that.

Me: Well, I did the financial math and it wasn’t worth it so I ended up not buying anything. But I was seriously considering it.

Gal Smiley: WOW. I had no idea you were almost cool.

Today, on our daily lunchtime walk, we fell into a discussion of the “i before e” rule and its exceptions in spelling.

Me: It’s too flaky of a rule. There are a lot of exceptions even in everyday words.

Sir Monkeypants: Really? How do you know?

Me: I saw someone once write an entire paragraph of words that violated that rule in a grammar group I’m in on Facebook.

Gal Smiley: You’re in a grammar group? Forget the mustang. There’s nothing that would ever make you cool.

And scene.

3 thoughts on “Not Cool

  1. This reminded me of that scene in The Breakfast Club.
    “In the Physics Club, we talk about physics.”
    “See? It’s sort of social? Demented and sad, but social.”
    I kid, I kid.

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