Crayons and Coupons

My children would like me to document here, for the world to know, that I say the word “crayon” funny, despite the fact that I deny it vigorously.

They all agree that the word “crayon” is a two-syllable word that sounds like “cray-on.” Meanwhile, I apparently say “cran,” like, my son says, the first syllable in “cranberry.”

I personally don’t hear any difference between the way I say it and they way they say it, which is, apparently, hilarious. I have run into this before, as we have a friend who pronounces bagel like “baaag-el” instead of “bay-gle” which is clearly wrong, but he doesn’t hear it at all. So I suppose it is possible. Also possible: I’m right, everyone else is wrong, stuff it.

My husband also, according to them, says “cran” instead of “crayon” and so they grew up thinking this was a legit way to pronounce the word (IT IS THE ONLY WAY, THANK YOU) and are already planning years of therapy to deal with the horror of finding out, just a couple of years ago, that the whole world says this word in two-syllable format (THEY CLAIM) and thus all of us Turtleheads have been running around sounding like uneducated muffins for years (IT’S THEM, NOT US).

I already have spent years trying to convert to saying “coo-pon” instead of “cue-pon” for coupons, which is a very Cambridge thing (that’s where I’m from) and you know what? It’s frankly not worth it. I told the kids I am not going to bother to change to cray-on and that furthermore, I am reverting back to cue-pon, because I have better things to do with my time, and also I AM RIGHT AND THEY ARE WRONG.

Most likely.

4 thoughts on “Crayons and Coupons

  1. LuckySevens

    It is funny because I definitely relate. I too say crayon weirdly, according to my kids. When I say the word it comes out sounding like “crown”???

    On the same note, apparently when I say Grilled cheese it sounds like girl cheese. When my son was small he used to insist on boy cheese sandwiches because he was hearing me say girl cheese. 😂

  2. I changed how I said some words the Ottawa Valley way when I went away to university in southern Ontario, but my husband still teases me about how I say the word “tiger.” Something about the “i” being too flat, or something. I can’t hear it myself or figure out how to change it. And there are some words that I think the Ottawa Valley accent has right — the word “bury” should be pronounced as burr-y like a burr with a y, not berr-y like strawberry, don’t you think?

  3. nicoleboyhouse

    I always find it interesting, different pronunciations. I am with your kids, I pronounce it cray-on and coo-pon. Other words I think are interesting: schedule (I say sked-ule, not shed-ule), groceries (I say grosh-eries, not gross-eries), and now seeing the comment above, I also say berry. I also say mis-CHEE-vious. The first time I heard my MIL pronounce crouton, I thought she was making a joke. She says KRAUT-on, where I have only ever heard croo-ton. Maybe these are regional things. You can always tell if a person is from Calgary by the way they pronounce it. Calgarians say CAL-gry or CAL-gary. Non-Calgarians seem to say Cal-GARY.

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